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President Donald Trump’s much-derided statement that abolitionist Frederick Douglass “is being recognized more and more” is actually proving true, with filmmaker Spike Lee set to direct a movie on the historical figure. Lee is set to direct the movie adaption of “Frederick Douglass Now,” the one-man play by Roger Guenver Smith, who has starred in 10 of Lee’s movies. Douglass, a […]

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Charles Douglass came to Washington, D.C., in 1869 to begin his clerkship at the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. Once he and his family settled in after their move from Rochester, New York, to the Hillsdale/Barry Farm area of Southeast D.C., Douglass sought a baseball club. The youngest son of renowned orator, writer […]

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A press release issued by the Trump White House, misspelled the name of American icon Frederick Douglass.

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Where do we begin? There have been so many things POTUS has said or done this year that has us at a complete loss...

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Harlem is a mecca of basketball and the epicenter of black culture. Lacrosse is a sport that is especially popular on the East Coast but is often not associated with people of color. Harlem Lacrosse (HL), a nonprofit designed to help at-risk youth get into college, is changing that. It uses lacrosse to help youth […]

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On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass uttered the only real speech you need to hear concerning the Fourth of July. The iconic abolitionist, writer and orator recited a speech in commemoration of America’s sacred holiday. But he did not take the occasion to mislead or misrepresent America. He described, in fact, the “gross injustice” that […]

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The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Washington, D.C., has joined the ranks of national monuments and historic sites as the 37th overall coin to be released in the America the Beautiful Quarters U.S. Mint collection. The U.S. Mint produces circulating coinage and has featured some of America’s most important national parks and monuments since […]

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1895 — Abolitionist Frederick Douglass dies in the District of Columbia Frederick Douglass, the famous abolitionist, lecturer, orator and writer, died in his Anacostia Heights, Washington, D.C., home at 78. 1927 — Happy birthday, Sidney Poitier Sidney Poitier, who was born in Miami, became the first African-American to win an Academy Award in 1964 for […]

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GAME. BLOUSES. Former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley is no longer prohibited from entering Madison Square Garden. A short ban was imposed last week after Knicks owner James Dolan accused Oakley of using inappropriate language and stating that the former front court man had a drinking problem, which resulted in the altercation and Oakley […]

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During a week when the president’s new immigration restrictions incited global protests and condemnation, Donald […]

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During his meeting for Black History Month, President Trump seemed to suggest that Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist who died in 1895, was still alive.

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White Abolitionists Ran the Movement

According to Amherst College Black Studies professor David Blight, the issue of race carried over into the abolitionist movement. While white and Black abolitionists wanted to get rid of slavery, they often disagreed on how. In many cases, white abolitionists dominated the movement.

“And it was also especially frustrating to Black abolitionists to deal sometimes with the kinds of abstract debates that abolitionists would have, that white abolitionists would have, over doctrine,”Blight said in a PBS interview. “In the 1850s, Black abolitionists were about the business of building their own communities, and trying to organize real strategies against slavery in the South.”



White Abolitionists Belittled and Silenced Black Freedom Fighters

Journalist and suffragist William Lloyd Garrison became a stalwart in the abolitionist movement and an ally to former enslaved man and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. According to Blight, their relationship in the 1840s and 1850s could be described as parental and demeaning.

The Garrisionians — white abolitionists who modeled themselves after Garrison — only wanted Douglass to get up and tell his story. Douglass wanted to discuss the various issues of racism in the North as well as the South but was recommended not to. Blight believed that “there was a struggle among white and Black abolitionists about just what the proper role of a Black abolitionist was in this movement.”

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Our country enjoys two great secular holidays: Independence Day and Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, many of us seek to put on a pageant worthy of a Norman Rockwell illustration of an idyllic America: an occasion defined by family, food and football. Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the fall and winter giving season, a time when […]

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  The Beginning  John Brown (May 9, 1800 – Dec. 2, 1859) was a white abolitionist […]

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The mistrust of banks and unwillingness many Black people—especially older folks—have about placing their money […]

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Frederick Douglass (Feb. 14, 1817 – Feb. 20, 1895) was an African-American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman. […]

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  Marcus Garvey   Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist and entrepreneur […]

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The most recent bill approved by the Senate panel this week would allow Washington D.C. to build a statue of Frederick Douglass in the halls of the Capitol...

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