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History was made in milestones that broke racial and gender barriers as the Democrats took the House back in the 2018 midterm elections.

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This Weekend Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, but could he still be impeached by Democrats? In a new interview, Senator Cory Booker was asked about whether Democrats would try to impeach Kavanaugh if they win back the House majority. “The reality is, right now, Republicans control the House and the Senate, […]

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Is Donald Trump a madman like Kim Jong Un, or does he just play one on TV? To put it another way: is the president dumb, insane, or is he trying to throw the game — the game in this case being his presidency —to avoid impeachment or, even worse, jail? There are rumblings from […]

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"Can I help you?" Rep. Maxine Waters seemed cordial appearing before reporters in early January. It was just one week before then President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration...

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Think Progress reports Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) suggested impeaching President Obama, due to his policies on immigration during an appearance on Bill Bennett’s radio show...

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