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Syd Pollock never saw an opportunity for publicity that he didn’t like. The owner of the Indianapolis Clowns brought on Toni Stone, the first woman to sign an official contract and play in the Negro Leagues, for that very reason in April 1953. Oh, don’t get it twisted. Pollock signed Stone to the Clowns, the […]

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Thursday will mark the 46th anniversary of Leroy “Satchel” Paige becoming the first Negro League veteran to receive a nomination for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Paige, a legend known for his humor, wit and fastball, was inducted into the Hall in August 1971. Besides that landmark, the pitcher was famous for being able to […]

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It took a three-week, four-city tour and best-of-nine series for two competing leagues to decide who was the biggest and baddest of them all. On Oct. 20, 1924, the final game of the first Negro World Series was played and won by the Kansas City Monarchs over the Hilldale Athletic Club (also known as the […]

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