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This Is Us fans are in for a treat this weekend because Sterling K. Brown is hosting Saturday Night Live, meaning they’re favorite tear-jerking character will be flexing his funny muscles for a change. The award-winning actor will host this weekend’s show that features musical guest, James Bay.  —16,000 sign petition to take back Kobe […]

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The former front woman for the Black Eyed Peas performed a disgraceful rendition of The National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game on Sunday and folks pulled no punches dragging her on social media.

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Actress Meagan Good showed everyone what it means to have your girlfriend's back when she shared powerful words of encouragement with comedian Leslie Jones.

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This past weekend, Los Angeles was filled with Black stars as they celebrated the annual […]

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[protected-iframe id=”3ea5039b8262abbd1caae539fffb9a73-84028368-105107678″ info=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””] Comedian and actor Leslie Jones has had an interesting few years. She was hacked and had nude photos leaked and was insulted mercilessly for being a part of the Ghostbusters reboot. Now, she’ll be hosting the 2017 BET Awards, which means: Watch out. Personally, I think Jones is awesome. But […]

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For some, a person’s birthday is the most important (unofficial) holiday of the year. For actress/comedian Leslie Jones, it’s clear the turn up has already begun. So let's make my birthday week THE BOMB!! Cause I'm about to act a fool YALL!! CHEAH! #LJBDAY — Leslie Jones 🦋 (@Lesdoggg) September 4, 2016 After a brief […]

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To all of you across the country dealing with the effects of Hurricane Hermine, good luck. It feels like half of Florida is underwater. There’s a reasonable argument that Love & Basketball is the best hoops movie of all time. Some will tell you that it’s basically a love story masquerading as a sports flick, […]

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Social media, comment sections and websites have all proven that racism hasn’t gone anywhere, despite what some would like to think. They have given guts to the gutless and courage to the cowardly. Internet trolls can now spew hate with a keystroke and then hide. It’s simple. It’s like freedom of speech on steroids. It’s […]

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I’ve been in Chicago for a couple of days now in preparation for our town hall conversation about athletes, responsibility and gun violence. I’ll be on one of the panels and hosting an ESPN Radio special before and afterward. Tune in. Just saying the word “welfare” makes me uncomfortable. It’s such a loaded term that […]

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Leslie Jones is having the time of her life at the Rio Olympics. After her constant live tweeting of the Games grabbed the attention of an NBC executive, SNL comedian Leslie Jones was invited to Rio to cover the Olympic Games live. —Leslie Jones invited to Olympics by NBC after hilarious live-tweeting Since her arrival at Rio, […]

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Actor and comedian Leslie Jones is killing the game in the social media world with her uncanny wit. This year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is her muse, all of Twitter is her audience. The Saturday Night Live standout and Ghostbusters star has been live tweeting the games since the opening ceremony while providing […]

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The Ghostbusters Hollywood premiere is in the books for actress Leslie Jones, who slayed the red carpet on Saturday. Project Runway winner Christian Siriano stepped up to the plate after the actress had trouble finding a designer who would style her, as reported previously. She took to Twitter with her gripe and Siriano answered the […]

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It appears the struggle was definitely real for actor/comedian Leslie Jones. On Tuesday she took to Twitter to voice her disdain: She wasn’t getting the styling help she needed for the July 9 premiere of Ghostbusters reboot. We’re not sure when she contacted designers or which ones she reached out to. Although tempted, she refused […]

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