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MADRID (AP) — A migrant aid group has accused Libya’s coast guard of abandoning three […]

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Desperate family members share shocking videos on social media to raise awareness

The post Disturbing video shows Sudanese migrants tortured for ransom in Libya appeared first on theGrio.

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African people are being sold into slavery in Libya. It should be alarming to all Black people around the world.

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America has a way of messing up things for other countries--and this is no different

The post Why Obama must take some blame for slavery in Libya appeared first on theGrio.

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 Sign The Petition! (US)           Sign The Petition (UK)   The African Union on Friday called for Libyan authorities to investigate "slave markets" of black Africans operating in the conflict-torn nation, following the release of shocking images showing the sale of young men by foreign settlers and imperialist. The demand followed the release of CNN footage of a live auction in Libya where black youths were presented to north African buyers as potential farmhands and sold off for as little as $400. FILE - Guinea President Alpha Conde is pictured in Sandervalia, Conakry, Oct. 8, 2015. Guinean President Alpha Conde, who...

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Get into these organizations battling slavery and ways you can help

The post What we all can do to stop the Libyan slave trade appeared first on theGrio.

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The socially conscious rapper adds his voice to the global outrage

The post T.I says what we are all feeling about horrific slave trade in Libya appeared first on theGrio.

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More than 100 bodies of refugees have been found after their boat apparently capsized, drowning […]

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10. Algeria– 4,100 Millionaires With a socialist-leaning government and a population of 38.8 million, Algeria […]

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Libya and Sudan have agreed to strengthen their military collaboration, according to the Sudanese news agency […]

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Libya’s militias have captured most government ministries in the capital, Tripoli, the government has said. […]

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