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Activists in the Seattle area are letting one local business know that sometimes an apology just simply isn’t enough. According to the Seattle Times, this week civil rights advocates threatened to file a lawsuit after a Black man was told by police to leave a Kirkland yogurt shop after employees said he made them feel […]

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  Seattle-area police are now apologizing for an incident that led to officers helping the owner of a frozen yogurt shop expel an African-American man from the business, simply because employees said they felt uncomfortable. According to the Seattle Times, on Monday the Kirkland Police Department issued an apology for taking part in what amounts […]

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#LivingWhileBlack is tough. It seems that just by living our black-ass lives and minding our black-ass business, we are subject to all types of nonsensical terror, ranging from unfounded 911 calls to death. It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire, Bob Marley’s granddaughter, an NBA player, the editor-in-chief of…


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You do dirt, you get dirt is the sentiment D’Arreion Toles is feeling after learning that the woman who blocked him from entering his apartment was fired from her job at Tribeca-STL, a luxury apartment company. READ MORE: Pres. Barack Obama isn’t trying to hear people’s weak excuses for not voting “She did what she did to […]

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Four months ago, Jennifer Schulte, aka BBQ Becky, went viral after she called 911 on a group of black people barbecuing in an Oakland, Calif., park. Now, the recordings of those 911 calls have been released, including one in which a dispatcher questioned her mental health, according to Fox 2 KTVU.


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Last week a Trump supporter called the police on me. My crime? Speaking to residents about immigration. She insisted that I was wrong for fighting Trump, said that “you people” should work for a living, and that I somehow undermined the value of work and America. In her mind, the proper response to me peacefully […]

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