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I’m always in two camps when TV cancellations happen. Either I’m extremely bitter about it and ask God for the eleventh time why Supernatural is still on TV yet my new shows can’t flourish or I’m like “well, it had it coming”...mostly because the show was never good, never bothered to hit its stride, or was just an…


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  Netflix is surprisingly canning the popular Marvel superhero series, Luke Cage just four months after its second season premiere, and just days after the streaming service canceled another Marvel show, Iron Fist. “Unfortunately, ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ will not return for a third season. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is grateful to the dedicated showrunner, […]

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Looks like we’ll only have Black Panther and Black Lightning to keep our black superhero fix going. We also have Shuri, for those who still read.


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NBC’s latest drama, Manifest, follows several strangers who were aboard a flight that was lost for five years, even though they had no idea any time had passed when they landed. The show hinges on the science vs. spirituality debate and forces viewers to stretch their imaginations while searching for truth and asking questions that […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: ‘Manifest’ star Curtiss Cook on working with his real-life son and new gig on ‘The Chi’ appeared first on theGrio.

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  Tyler Perry is known for making movies and television shows that Black folks love, which is likely a big reason why the actor/producer/writer/director has been approached by Marvel and DC Comics to helm some of their upcoming projects. While some folks would leap at the change to get in on the superhero craze that […]

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Luke Cage is back for a second season and this time around, it’s all about the ladies. Alfre Woodard and Gabrielle Dennis are two of the series’ stars and we sat down with them to find out how they feel about the state of Black women in Hollywood. Gabrielle Dennis says she has certainly noticed […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: Alfre Woodard and Gabrielle Dennis on the state of Black women in Hollywood appeared first on theGrio.

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For anyone on the fence about this show, here are my top five reasons why you need to check out Season 2 of Luke Cage on Netflix, even if you don't know a damn thing about comic books.

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The second season of Luke Cage is almost upon us and TheGrio caught up wth the show’s writer, producer, and director, Cheo Coker to find out what we can expect this time around. Coker spent much of his life as an entertainment journalist interviewing everyone from Prince to Queen Latifah and he insists that his […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: Cheo Coker speaks on season 2 of ‘Luke Cage’ and Kanye West: ‘He’s a sellout!’ appeared first on theGrio.

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Get ready for more Harlem action, Marvel fans! Netflix has finally set a release date for season two of Luke Cage, the superhero show helmed by Cheo Hodari Coker, leaving everybody in anticipation of Mike Colter returning in the streets, doing his thing in the title role. The series will return to the streaming service with […]

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Cheo Coker is the accomplished, writer, director, and executive producer of Netflix’s Luke Cage. Because of his impeccably diverse resume, Coker is keenly aware of the sudden increase in representations of African-Americans in comic series on both the big and small screens. While everyone’s interest has peeked, it doesn’t necessarily inform how Coker does his job […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: Cheo Coker on how Hollywood will change after ‘Black Panther’ appeared first on theGrio.

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The Netflix original series Marvel’s “Luke Cage” has inspired a New Yorker to wear his […]

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After taking a week off, the All Day Podcast crew — host Clinton Yates, staff writer Justin Tinsley and senior style writer Jill Hudson — was back in action this week to talk Kim Kardashian’s robbery, Netflix’s new Marvel series Luke Cage and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch teaming up with the NFL to incite […]

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During a Sept. 30 interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio show, “Luke Cage” actor Michael […]

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‘Luke Cage’ is a bulletproof black man fighting in the streets for justice — and he just might be the hero we all need. Marvel’s highly anticipated Netflix series premieres Friday, and theGrio got the scoop with cast member and award-winning actress Alfre Woodard. In the show, Woodard plays a Harlem politician named Mariah Hillard, a Howard […]

The post Alfre Woodard says Mike Colter’s ’Luke Cage’ is the perfect superhero appeared first on theGrio.

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In the early afternoon of July 5, local CD man Alton Sterling was standing outside a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, convenience store when he was approached by two police officers. Minutes before, a homeless man had dialed 911 on the 5-foot-11, 300-pounder after Sterling refused to give the man money. Police officers Howie Lake II and […]

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Award-winning actress Alfre Woodard says she's watched the most recent shootings of unarmed black men with sadness, but the shooting death of Terence Crutcher hit home...

The post Tulsa Native Alfre Woodard says Terence Crutcher shooting brought her to tears appeared first on theGrio.

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As one of the premier architects of music journalism in the ’90s, one whose close bond with the late Notorious B.I.G. produced a critically acclaimed biography and the 2009 biopic Notorious, Cheo Hodari Coker can’t contain his excitement: He is the point man and showrunner for Marvel’s new Luke Cage series, set to debut on […]

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On Tuesday, a new trailer for Marvel’s new Netflix series Luke Cage dropped and it is a good one. We’re going to see a bevy of bullets and a whole lot of butt-kicking, but a whole lot more can be gleaned from the trailer. Here’s what to look forward to: Cottonmouth Judging by the trailer, […]

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Between Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira, Comic-Con 2016 featured all shades of blackness. This year, in front of a crowd of about 7,000 attendees, the highly anticipated Marvel Studios film Black Panther raised the bar for the inclusion of black culture when director Ryan Coogler introduced the all-star cast of […]

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The trailer for the new Marvel series Luke Cage was released Thursday at Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego and it looks lit. Cage is a member of Marvel’s superhero group called The Defenders. For those that tune in to the Netflix shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones, this should fit right into your TV show rotation […]

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With Marvel Comic’s Black Panther — the first black comic book superhero, born in the 1960s — to appear on the big screen and Captain America: Civil War following, comic book collectors stand to cash in big. Blame the boom on the growing interest in black superheroes. “When interest in a character rises, comic book […]

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  Netflix’s Luke Cage won’t drop until September 30th but Marvel fans —and comic book […]

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