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Tarana Burke is calling out the movement she started a decade before movie producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed for countless allegations of sexual misconduct. According to the Detroit Free Press, last week the activist gave the keynote at the Facing Race conference in front of the 3,500 people who flocked to Motor City in the name […]

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Former President Barack Obama has a message for you and your friends. He isn’t here for folks tired excuses for not participating in elections. In a new video with ATTN: Obama touches on seven excuses that people use for not voting. One excuse is: “ I don’t care about politics” and this is what he had to […]

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This has to change because, news flash, the disproportionate mistreatment and abuse of women in the workplace is not confined to just the casting couch. 

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In a now-deleted Instagram video, Bow Wow blasted the woman accusing Jamie Foxx of slapping her with his penis and the "Beat Shazaam" star's attorney has denied claims of sexual assault.

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In the wake of once powerful now disgraced men like Harvey Weinstein, Steve Wynn, R Kelly and Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman has to be put into a different category all together.

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Wendy Williams is known for speaking her mind and calling out celebrities on their BS, so you can imagine our surprise when she shed tears over accused rapist, R. Kelly, during her show on Monday. Wendy was brought to tears when she discussed the fact that R. Kelly is illiterate and seemed to blame his […]

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R. Kelly broke his silence on growing sexual assault allegations to blame the media for trying to stain his musical legacy and says he’s “heartbroken” over claims that he’s a sexual predator.

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The Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis gives a very passionate and moving speech at the Women’s […]

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