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DETROIT—A stage is a stage, even when it’s a church and the performance is a marathon of a funeral. Clocking in at more than nine hours long for those who showed up at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning to view her body, perhaps Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul and daughter of Detroit, wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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Angela Rye‘s efforts to get candidate Andrew Gillum elected as Florida’s first-ever Black governor aren’t […]

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Journalist Soledad O’Brien is standing her ground against conservatives who are running to the defense of […]

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Black conservative Candace Owens went off on a tangent Tuesday during what was supposed to […]

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Author Michael Eric Dyson confronted conservative Scott Jennings for refusing to acknowledge President Trump's ongoing racist actions.

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The Golden State Warriors will hold their victory parade in Oakland, California, on Tuesday, celebrating the franchise’s third NBA title in four years. This season’s accomplishment was heralded as the triumph of a great team and teamwork. The Warriors are a team of stars, superstars, young players, veteran players, strong personalities and unique talents. They […]

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When was the last time you heard Robert F. Kennedy, Kobe Bryant and James Baldwin come up in the same conversation? It’s probably rare. But Undefeated columnist Bill Rhoden, CBS Local sportswriter Jamal Murphy and author Michael Eric Dyson found the common thread. They got together recently in New York to talk about Dyson’s new […]

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Today President Donald Trump made headlines with his commutation of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother who had a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense. Kim Kardashian met with President Trump just last week in an effort to advocate for Johnson and many are crediting her high-profile meeting with pushing the ball forward. But […]

The post Michael Eric Dyson says Kim Kardashian’s effort is great, but Trump still isn’t for black folks appeared first on theGrio.

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CNN commentators Symone Sanders and Paris Dennard nearly jumped down each other’s throats Wednesday, Feb. […]

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Georgetown professor and renowned commentator/author, Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson refers to President Barack Obama’s final […]

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Bill Cosby continues to be silent on the ever increasing list of accusers coming forward […]

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