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VIDEO - Last night, Rev. Al Sharpton interviewed Catholic nun Sister Simon Campbell on Politics Nation about organizing a bus tour to draw attention to nuns' work with the poor and protest of proposed aid cuts.

The post Al Sharpton and Roman Catholic nun sound off on proposed aid cuts appeared first on theGrio.

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George Zimmerman, Money, News, PayPal, Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin Case -

theGRIO REPORT - When asked by his wife whether the more than $135,000 collected from supporters through his website should be used for his bond, George Zimmerman answered 'hell no'...

The post Court filing: George Zimmerman said ‘hell no’ to using PayPal cash for bond appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Chad Ochocinco was recently released from the New England Patriots, which explains his 'UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY' Twitter handle. After exchanging tweets with the porn site Pornhub, Ochocinco may not be unemployed for much longer...

The post Chad Ochocinco may change last name to 'Seisnueve' for porn site appeared first on theGrio.

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Barack Obama, Eleciton 2012, Fundraising, Mitt Romney, Money, Politics, Reelection -

ANALYSIS - The news that Mitt Romney raised more money than President Obama over the last month is the latest in a series of recent challenges for Obama's reelection and another illustration this campaign will be much more difficult than his 2008 contest against John McCain.

The post Romney fundraising presents latest major challenge for Obama appeared first on theGrio.

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