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Monday 10.29.18 Former Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino, who could easily best Mike D’Antoni’s famed “seven seconds or less” offensive scheme, said he has “deep interest” in returning to the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers, somehow still having a worse week than the Cleveland Browns, could be without forward Kevin Love for a month because […]

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Monday 10.15.18 Famed sports sociologist and future Hallmark greeting card writer Harry Edwards told his wife, “Well, lady, first of all, I’m a leg and a– man myself” after her mastectomy. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, placing blame on someone other than the person responsible for calling an intentional lateral play from the 21-yard line with […]

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Monday 09.10.18 Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden, while Jim Halpert stares blankly into the camera, said his team struggled against the Los Angeles Rams because “we didn’t get to [Jared] Goff enough. We didn’t get to [Todd] Gurley. We have to look at ways we can do better,” just one week after trading away former […]

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Monday 09.03.18 Actress Carmen Electra and a Miami Dolphins cheerleader are suing two Denver-area strip clubs, one egregiously named The Players Club, for falsely using their images to promote the clubs. Colin Kaepernick, forcing conservatives to “own the libs” by agreeing with them on the questionable business practices of Nike, was announced as one of […]

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