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WASHINGTON (AP) — The personality looming over the 2018 midterms was President Donald Trump. The issue was health care, the top concern for voters as they decided how to cast their ballots. This week’s election showed a nation increasingly — if belatedly — in step with former President Barack Obama’s approach to it. Health care […]

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  The Trump administration is planning to take down the ObamaCare website for hours at a time during the open enrollment period, The Hill is reporting. The administration has argued that such downtime occurs regularly on the site and is designed to happen during slower periods. Critics have said it is an attempt to trip up coverage […]

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Millions of people covered under the Affordable Care Act will see only modest premium increases next year, and some will get price cuts.

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Apparently Republican Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) has a few things to get off of his chest about Obamacare and those that love the universal healthcare system. Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute, Orrin Hatch reportedly said, “[We] finally did away with the individual mandate tax that was established under that wonderful bill called ObamaCare. Now, if […]

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The open enrollment for Obamacare ends on today Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Enrollment is up on the exchange from this time last year, but many people might not know that the enrollment period is coming to an end. The Trump administration cut the open enrollment season in half, which means people who […]

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The state of California and the Trump administration will square off Tuesday before a U.S. […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to take down “Obamacare,” more than 600,000 […]

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When 47-year-old Carla Ford-Johnson was raising her three sons, access to medical care was not an issue for her. She and her husband at the time were both employed and had health insurance. But now, although she does not have small children, the Charlotte, North Carolina, resident has concerns about today’s health care crisis. Over […]

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People of color and the poor have benefited disproportionately from the healthcare law, and have much to lose.

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In a brash move likely to roil insurance markets, President Donald Trump will "immediately" halt payments to insurers under the Obamacare.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing assured defeat, Republican leaders decided Tuesday not to even hold a […]

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Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care. At least not according to […]

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Health care disparities are much higher in black and Latino communities than in any others, according to statistics that have been cited for over a decade. But recently revealed stat-based research featured positive results. According to a study published by The Commonwealth Fund in August, the number of uninsured blacks and Latinos decreased under the […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) — An intriguing new theory is gaining traction among conservative foes of the […]

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This weekend, at Politicon, Tomi Lahren squared off against Chelsea Handler on the health care debate.

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Senator John McCain shocked Senators when he cast his 'no' vote on the Health Care Freedom Act, the Republicans' replacement bill for Obamacare.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The maverick stood with his party on Tuesday, casting a crucial vote in the Republican drive to repeal "Obamacare." But then, like an angry prophet, Sen. John McCain condemned the tribal politics besetting the nation...

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I’m finally back home for more than a day, and I’m very happy about that. On Monday I was on The Ryen Russillo Show, and it was an excellent experience. If you want to hear the show, here you go. Hour 1, Hour 2, Hour 3. 40 Under 40: Sports Media Talents https://t.co/9kvw6R53eI — The […]

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The GOP is still struggling to get support for their health care bill, and for some reason, decided that calling out Clinton on Twitter was a good strategy.

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Don Lemon brought in two people who would be badly affected by the Senate Republicans’ health care bill on his CNN show and allowed them to tell their stories. One was Pastor Janice Hill, who recently went viral when a video of her lobbying Sen. Shelly Capito hit the internet. The other was a lifelong Republican and […]

The post Trump supporter: My family won’t be insured if Obamacare goes away appeared first on theGrio.

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I’m back from New York, and it was a whirlwind week. I did my best to create a complete radio show for the podcast, so I hope you like it. The whole thing has been a work in progress, but I think we’re getting closer to what we want. Octavia Butler would have been 70 […]

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A Tennessee woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to run her congressman off the road over his vote to repeal Obamacare. On Monday, Wendi Wright attempted to speak with Rep. David Kustoff on the University of Tennessee campus, where he was attending a meeting. According to Sgt. Marty Plunk, Kustoff left without listening to her complaints, […]

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Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry reminisced recently about the Barack Obama presidency as free of major […]

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Rep. Raul Labrador appeared at a town hall in Idaho less than 24 hours after the House of Representatives passed their American Health Care Act (AHCA) and was shouted down and booed when he suggested that “no one” in the United States died because they did not have access to health care. During the town hall […]

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Republicans passed their health care bill in the House, their biggest step toward dismantling the Obama health care overhaul since Donald Trump took office.

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In every presidential administration, there’s a moment where, specific partisanship aside, you can point to when you look back on things and say, That’s when things got real. On Friday, Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), delivered the kind of speech on the House floor that you’ll instantly want to watch again after you’ve seen it once. […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) — In a humiliating setback, President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their "Obamacare" repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly...

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Just want to say thanks to Martenzie Johnson for filling in yesterday with Daily Dose. I was stuck in business travel commute hell and learned the hard way that my driver’s license expired on my birthday this week. Make sure to check yours, folks. Today’s the day we figure out if the Affordable Care Act […]

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If the American Health Care Act isn't passed, the president said, he will simply move on to other things and leave Obamacare as it is.

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