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  This week, reports have surfaced that urban model and gossip blog fave Blac Chyna is planning to release her own line of skin-lightening cream and not surprisingly, her fans are NOT feeling it. According to People, the 30-year-old mother of two partnered with beauty brand Whitenicious by Dencia to launch her own line of creams that claim […]

The post Blac Chyna is promoting her skin lightening cream in Africa…because of course she is appeared first on theGrio.

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Writer Dustin Siebert tries to give you every reason why you've got to vote tomorrow before the polls close because the ramifications could be astronomical if you don't.

The post OPINION: The midterm election is your last chance, so don’t blow it appeared first on theGrio.

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Melania Trump is bringing her #BeBest foolishness to Africa, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Wednesday, the first lady announced that she would be visiting Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt next week, kicking off her first major international solo trip to promote child welfare and education. While her need to get as far […]

The post #BeGone: Melania Trump is bringing her ‘Be Best’ foolishness to Africa appeared first on theGrio.

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Unfortunately, a moment that should have been met with compassion was treated with skepticism, antagonism, and the questioning of “how could a 9-year old child determine his/her/their sexuality at such a young age?”

The post For Queer little boys like Jamel Myles who commit suicide because coming out was never enough   appeared first on theGrio.

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Gemmel Moore was died after Ed Buck gave him drugs for sex, now we're asking for outrage but the Black community remains silent.

The post When all Black lives don’t matter: Who’s fighting for Gemmel Moore? appeared first on theGrio.

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When I was growing up in Florida, in the country on a farm, I knew nothing about Juneteenth. But now over the last few years, this anniversary has become a touchstone for me. I have studied its history and it has become, for me, a day of celebration, but also a day of remembrance and […]

The post OP-ED: Priscilla Renea on why celebrating Juneteenth is more important than Fourth of July appeared first on theGrio.

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Say what? Outspoken businessman LaVar Ball, who is the father of three talented basketball players including LA Laker Lonzo Ball, had a very clear message for NFL players who kneel for the national anthem: “Get out their league.” Ball said NFL players are required to “follow the league’s new protocol for the national anthem,” as reported […]

The post Overly outspoken LaVar Ball doesn’t support NFL players taking a knee appeared first on theGrio.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity shocked more than a few supporters Friday when he publicly defended Joy Reid.

The post Controversial FOX News host Sean Hannity defends Joy Reid appeared first on theGrio.

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This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will expose his underbelly to Congress…twice. Today, he will stand before the Senate and tomorrow the House to answer questions regarding the admission that Facebook participated in the third-party harvest of the personal data of nearly 71 million Americans who use the social media platform. This is a transgression that the […]

The post Why Congress must decide on the fate of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and the personal data of millions of Black Americans appeared first on theGrio.

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Several Black male celebrities have begun to publicly share their truth about suffering from depression, suicide ideations, and their complete breakdowns, potentially starting a shift against the stigma surrounding this "taboo" topic amongst our people.

The post Tyrese, Bow Wow and The Rock shared mental health battles and other Black men should too appeared first on theGrio.

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The classic lines throughout The Wire’s five seasons are countless, and many of them are flashed on the screen following the opening credits. Here are a few favorites.

The post 8 memorable AF quotes from ‘The Wire’ to apply to your everyday life appeared first on theGrio.

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In this second episode of Season 2 of Atlanta, we get a peek into Paper Boi's rap career frustration and we learn a lot more about couch surfer Tracy.

The post ‘Atlanta’ Recap: Season 2, Episode, 2 Sportin’ Waves appeared first on theGrio.

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Despite decades of allegations of sexual abuse levied against superstar, R. Kelly, the music world continues to celebrate the controversial singer and his music. In the time of #MeToo, it’s particularly troubling that some of music’s biggest names have no problem endorsing his brand of baby-making music, despite the deeply disturbing mental pictures painted by […]

The post Why celebs need to stop working with R. Kelly and put Black women first appeared first on theGrio.

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It is hard to believe that a year has passed since Donald Trump took the oath of office and as forced America to not only watch his reality show presidency on a daily basis, but to suffer the consequences as he places the country and its people in grave danger. When Trump said that immigrants […]

The post What one year of Trump’s shithole presidency has taught us appeared first on theGrio.

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The epic U.S. Senate contest between Roy Moore and Doug Jones is far more than a local race

The post The Alabama Senate race is about the future of the South appeared first on theGrio.

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America has a way of messing up things for other countries--and this is no different

The post Why Obama must take some blame for slavery in Libya appeared first on theGrio.

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We have no reason to believe anything Donald J. Trump says, including his claim that he rescued the three UCLA basketball players who reportedly caught a case in China for stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store. Trump is a habitual liar and a racist, and Black folks really don’t have to believe anything this […]

The post Trump says he ‘saved’ the UCLA basketball players, but we don’t believe anything he says appeared first on theGrio.

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The U.S. Department of Justice under President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declined to seek charges for any of the Baltimore police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray...

The post Why it’s not surprising the DOJ will let officers walk in Freddie Gray’s death appeared first on theGrio.

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The police dashcam execution of Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota, was released to the public Tuesday. And if you’re like me, you just don’t have time for this sh*t. Not today, not any day. The lesson from this case, this recorded lynching of another black man, is that white supremacy doesn’t give a damn about […]

The post White supremacy doesn’t care about black respectability, only black death appeared first on theGrio.

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If you’ve been watching the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Russiagate, then you know Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is killing it. The junior senator from California is shining in the spotlight, as she puts officials’ feet to the fire, grills them and serves them up. No one is getting away with anything with Harris, who […]

The post Kamala Harris has the mic now, so everybody needs to sit down appeared first on theGrio.

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Is Donald Trump a madman like Kim Jong Un, or does he just play one on TV? To put it another way: is the president dumb, insane, or is he trying to throw the game — the game in this case being his presidency —to avoid impeachment or, even worse, jail? There are rumblings from […]

The post Is Trump throwing the game to escape impeachment or prison time? appeared first on theGrio.

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In less than 24 hours, a prominent black Congresswoman was ridiculed over her hair because she dared to speak up, while another respected black veteran reporter was chastised like a child for simply doing her job. “I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Tuesday morning of […]

The post Dear conservative white men: Black women are undefeated, so don’t try it appeared first on theGrio.

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Remember the name Aramis Ayala. She is a black woman and a Florida prosecutor who is taking a stand against the death penalty, and she is catching hell for it. It’s a lesson we know all too well: when high-profile black professionals in positions of power take a stand against injustice, the system will attempt […]

The post We need more black prosecutors like Aramis Ayala appeared first on theGrio.

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Writer Niki McGloster breaks down why she never wants to end up like BET's Mary Jane Paul.

The post The real reason I dislike ‘Being Mary Jane’ appeared first on theGrio.

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