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On the eve of his final NFL draft as Baltimore Ravens general manager, Ozzie Newsome did something that would shock anyone who knows him. The reserved Newsome opened up about his journey. While the trappings that Newsome’s success affords him now would be unrecognizable to the boy who worked cotton fields for extra money, he […]

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After a chaotic series of weeks for the New York Giants, in which longtime starting quarterback Eli Manning was benched and there were reports that head coach Bob McAdoo had lost the locker room, the team announced on Monday that McAdoo would be relieved of his duties three-quarters of the way through a disastrous 2-10 […]

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Ray Rice is back…sort of. U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones, who heard Rice’s appeal […]

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Ozzie Newsome, the highly respected general manager of the Baltimore Ravens, testified in the Ray […]

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