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The mother of Sandra Bland, the Illinois woman who committed suicide in a Texas jail after being hauled there for back-talking a police officer during a traffic stop, still doesn’t believe her daughter took her own life. In a new documentary, Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland, which premieres Monday on […]

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Jyran Mitchell fits nobody’s description of a thug, hoodlum, corner boy, hustler, stickup kid or any other pejorative deployed to justify rough treatment of young black men by police. He posted a 4.0 GPA at Rich Central High School in Chicago’s South Side suburbs. He is an outstanding athlete who starred in track and field, […]

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In her book White Women, Rape, and the Power of Race in Virginia, 1900-1960, Lisa Lindquist Dorr tells the story of Nannie Strayhorn, a black woman living in Jim Crow Richmond, Virginia. In October 1946, Strayhorn, a 32-year-old mother of two sons, argued with a male companion inside his car one evening after leaving a […]

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An Atlanta suburb has decided that enough is enough and fired its police chief amid accusations that his department racially profiles its residents.

The post Atlanta suburb votes to fire police chief accused of racial profiling appeared first on theGrio.

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Whistleblower stories are almost guaranteed to be compelling. But when they’re about policing, they’re simultaneously enraging and disheartening. Crime + Punishment, directed by Stephen Maing, tells the story of the NYPD 12, a group of minority police officers who sued the New York Police Department for leaning on its officers to fulfill arrest quotas even […]

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Former Florida police chief Raimundo Atesiano is accused of ordering his officers to trump up charges against innocent Black men so that his department could maintain an impressive record.

The post Police admit to framing a Black man who did 5 years in jail and then was deported back to Haiti  appeared first on theGrio.

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LOS ANGELES — New Iberia, Louisiana, never really vanquished Jim Crow. In 2014, sheriff’s deputies there arrested 22-year-old Victor White III. They patted him down twice, arrested him for drug possession and put him in a patrol car with his hands restrained behind his back in hinged handcuffs. Then deputies claimed White committed suicide by […]

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CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago City Council Wednesday approved a settlement of nearly $3 million […]

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A woman who was arrested for a minor traffic violation said she was brutally assaulted by a rookie Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer.

The post Pregnant woman arrested for a traffic violation says she was beaten while shackled by Jacksonville sheriff appeared first on theGrio.

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A Georgia police officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after state investigators said he fatally shot a Black man who was running away from him.

The post Rookie Georgia officer, who shot Black man during traffic stop, charged with voluntary manslaughter appeared first on theGrio.

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If there is anything no longer in doubt, it is that Milwaukee officials were right to worry about “community” reaction to video footage of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown being arrested back in January. “I definitely have concerns after watching that video,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said on Monday. In footage released by the Milwaukee […]

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The most unusual thing about Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, the comedian and Daily Show alum’s new late-night show for HBO, is its startling focus on finding solutions to complex, scary, seemingly impossible problems. This approach to late night, to comedy and to, well, life on earth is, frankly, surprising. After all, Cenac, 41, is a […]

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The Sacramento Kings are saying Stephon Clark’s name. The Kings and Boston Celtics decided they weren’t just going to shut up and dribble or stick to sports. Before Sunday’s game, the Kings released a video with players from both teams calling for accountability and bringing wider awareness to Clark’s death when two Sacramento, California, police […]

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By Michael FletcherPhotographs by Wayne Lawrence An idyllic afternoon of Little League baseball followed by pizza and Italian ice turned harrowing when two police officers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, stopped Woodrow Vereen Jr. for driving through a yellow light. A music minister at his church, Vereen struggled to maintain eye contact with his young sons as […]

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MINNEAPOLIS – Using the spotlight on the Super Bowl to illuminate the problem of police violence, a group called Take a Knee Nation will focus its efforts on changing the criminal justice system during a two-day conference scheduled to start Saturday. Organizers have invited social-justice activists from across the nation to join them in discussing […]

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Close The Shooting InstructorThe Truth TellerThe Man on the StreetThe Bridge Builder Officer Aundre Wright The Bridge Builder 3 years in uniform “I hear something on the radio, I go. Ease the gap between black and white, between police and non-police. Show we’re human.”“I hear something on the radio, I go. Ease the gap between […]

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Close The Shooting InstructorThe Truth TellerThe Man on the StreetThe Bridge Builder Patrol Officer Quincy Iverson The Man on the street 26 years in uniform (retired) “I get that hate from both sides I can’t do no good. Too black for the badge, too blue for the hood.”“I get that hate from both sides, I […]

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Close The Shooting InstructorThe Truth TellerThe Man on the StreetThe Bridge Builder Lt. Yulanda Williams The truth teller 27 years in uniform “I’m black and I will never be blue enough. I will never be able to prove to some that I deserve to wear the same uniform as they do.”“I’m black and I will […]

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Close The Shooting InstructorThe Truth TellerThe Man on the StreetThe Bridge Builder Sgt. Curtis Davenport The shooting instructor 27 years in uniform “I was born black. I’m going to die black. I’m a black man before I’m anything else. The fact that I’m a police officer is a job that I do. It’s an oath […]

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Lyndo Jones survives shocking encounter with police that goes terribly wrong

The post Texas police shoot man for breaking into truck….that he OWNS appeared first on theGrio.

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The former police chief, who assaulted and used a racial slur against a suspect, has been charged with a hate crime.

The post Ex-police chief charged with hate crime over ‘N*ggers are like ISIS’ comment appeared first on theGrio.

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The Utah nurse who was arrested after she bravely refused to let a police officer draw blood from an unconscious patient received a $500,000 settlement.

The post Nurse receives a $500,000 settlement after wrongful arrest appeared first on theGrio.

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A Florida deputy was caught on camera stealing from the home of a man who died later that day after weathering Hurricane Irma on his own.

The post Shady deputy caught stealing from home of dying man appeared first on theGrio.

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A British police officer is now being investigated after being captured on video joking about shooting a Black man. West Midlands Police removed the officer from duty after they received a complaint about a Facebook video that showed the officer’s racial remarks. “You would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun, definitely,” the officer […]

The post Officer on video tells Black man: ‘You’d be the first one I’d shoot’ appeared first on theGrio.

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A Cleveland police officer has pleaded guilty to using a sex toy on two women during an illegal traffic stop.

The post Cop pleads guilty to using sex toy on women during traffic stop appeared first on theGrio.

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A fast-growing movement swept through the NFL last season, fueled by Colin Kaepernick’s willingness to risk his career to draw attention to the oppression of black people and people of color in the United States. This season, Michael Bennett could become the new face of unprecedented political activism within the league. On Wednesday, NFL players […]

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An attorney for Charneisha Corley says she was subjected to, essentially, an 11-minute “rape by cop” on June 21, 2015.

The post Dashcam shows cops searching woman’s vagina for 11 minutes appeared first on theGrio.

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