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Perhaps not coincidentally during a #NationalPrisonStrike2018, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Friday voted to drastically slash the cost of calls from prison inmates by more than 75 percent, a boon to the cash-strapped black and brown communities that feed the prison industrial complex.


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While much attention is focused on urban crime in America, overall crime in the U.S. […]

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Two hundred young Black and brown men hauled into Southern District of New York Federal […]

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Over the past decade, we have experienced a resurgence of interest in social justice as […]

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued a memo on Thursday reversing one made by his predecessor, Sally Yates, concerning the private prison system.

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Amid countless incidents of Blacks dying at the hands of police, the push for sweeping […]

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NEW YORK (AP) — Many of the thousands of people arrested on low-level marijuana possession charges in Brooklyn will likely get the cases dropped before even having to go to court, District Attorney Kenneth Thompson announced Tuesday in a novel move to address the heavy toll of pot arrests in the nation's largest city...

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theGRIO REPORT - There is a startling report out that takes a look at the correlation between black males, high school diplomas and the possibility of being imprisoned.

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