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Donald Trump likely does not care for or about black people. It is evident in his policies, the way he set up his administration, and the way he is currently exploiting the lunacy of Kanye West.


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NEW YORK (AP) — A new song from Prince’s late father, produced at Paisley Park, […]

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Summer 1984. My best friend Erika and I slouch down next to each other in the back row of Jacksonville, Florida’s, Norwood Twin movie theater. A boy on my left and a boy on her right. Two hours in the dark, groping beneath strategically placed jackets the having of which made not a lick of […]

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My first time with Prince was like something out of a Prince song. It was 1979 and I was maybe 12. He was shirtless, pretty, staring at me from a poster on my friend’s bedroom wall. His hair was blown-out, parted off-center, flipped at the ends and it all gave me a quickening I didn’t […]

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