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Have you watched the show God Friended Me? It comes on CBS on Sunday nights, and let me tell you, I love this damn show. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I do. For whatever reason, as on-the-nose as nearly every aspect of the show is, it just ... works.


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It’s pretty amusing that a science fiction film based on a book published in 1962 is the one that delivered a role in which Oprah basically plays … herself.¹ How much was this a factor in drawing people to the cineplex? Unclear. A Wrinkle in Time took in $33.3 million at the box office this […]

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Church to hold blessing ceremony for AR-15s A Pennsylvania church is holding a blessing ceremony for AR-15 assault rifles not far from a local elementary school. The blessing will take place at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland next Wednesday morning, and around 600 people are expected to attend. The church is known […]

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‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says It’s ‘Mental Illness’ to Think Jesus Talks to You “The View” host Joy Behar said on Tuesday that it’s essentially “mental illness” to believe that “Jesus talks to you,” with co-host Sunny Hostin saying that she’s not so sure she wants her “vice president speaking in tongues and having […]

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Life comes at you fast.   I never expected to face some of life’s most challenging moments — all in the course of three years: Being diagnosed with breast-health issues Watching my husband, Chris, get diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Facing unemployment and later surviving a serious car accident My grandfather passing away Amidst all this chaos, however, came […]

The post How I kept faith after losing my baby boy appeared first on theGrio.

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Think about the last time you were in a stadium. Was it to cheer on your favorite squad? Maybe you celebrated a sweet victory or endured a painful defeat. Was it to bear the best that freezing cold winter had to offer or to second-guess why you didn’t watch the game from home? Maybe you […]

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Bishop Eddie Long, the contentious pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, has died of an “aggressive form of cancer.” He was 63. His megachurch, once boasting more than 25,000 members, issued a statement to multiple media outlets on Sunday confirming his death. “Bishop Long was known as one of the most […]

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President Barack Obama quietly signed an update to the Religious Freedom Act last week ensuring atheists are protected as a religious group.

The post Atheists are now protected under Religious Freedom Act appeared first on theGrio.

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Rapper Trip Lee has a catchy name and rhymes to match, but nothing about him is conventional. As a hip-hop artist, pastor, author and speaker, the Dallas native has built a huge following and topped Billboard charts, never once shying away from his faith. The rapper stepped into #TheGrioLive to talk with Gerren Keith Gaynor […]

The post Rapper Trip Lee opens up about faith, staying married & making hip-hop realer appeared first on theGrio.

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Singer Marques Houston gave us music to groove to in the 90’s as a child star, but these days, he’s giving fans a glimpse into his faith. Over the weekend, the 35-year-old posted photos of his baptism as a Jehovah’s Witness. He took the big step at the Remain Loyal to Jehovah Convention, writing: “8/13/16 The best day […]

The post Marques Houston gets baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness appeared first on theGrio.

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People Catch The Holy Ghost Once the congregation begins to stand to their feet and […]

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To Enslave or Not to Enslave? – Leviticus 25:45 & Isaiah 58:6 These two bibles […]

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The late King of Pop Michael Jackson converted from Jehovah’s Witness to Islam.     Actress […]

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theGRIO REPORT - Violinist Miri Ben- Ari has a signature style that has won her acclaim within the music industry...

The post Violinist Miri Ben-Ari promotes religious tolerance in new campaign appeared first on theGrio.

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The latest Pew research poll found that 17 percent of registered voters think President Barack Obama is Muslim, while 31 percent of the respondents said they didn't know what the president’s religious affiliation was...

The post Pew poll finds 17 percent of registered voters think Obama is Muslim appeared first on theGrio.

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A study last year tracked 2,433 participants, 41 percent of which were African American, for 18 years, only to find that those who attended one religious event weekly was more at risk for becoming obese.

The post Is the black church causing obesity by encouraging overeating? appeared first on theGrio.

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WASHINGTON (AP) - As the pastor of a mostly African-American Baptist church near Houston, Timothy W. Sloan has known for years that he needed to talk about HIV and AIDS with his congregation...

The post NAACP develops HIV manual for black churches appeared first on theGrio.

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OPINION - Many religious faiths recommend spiritual strengthening through periods of prayer and fasting. While fasting is a commendable spiritual practice, it’s one that could come with major health risk when you have diabetes...

The post Faith and fasting with diabetes appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Gospel artist and televangelist Juanita Bynum recently admitted she's been intimate with women in the past...

The post Juanita Bynum confesses 'I've been with women' appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - With the presidential election close at hand, Mormons, and particularly African-American Latter-day Saints, have been increasingly thrust into the spotlight...

The post For black Mormons, presidential race brings new attention appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - A survey conducted by the Kaiser Foundation and the Washington Post reveals that African-American women are among the most religious groups in America...

The post Survey reveals black women are among the most religious groups in the US appeared first on theGrio.

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Outspoken film director and Barack Obama supporter Spike Lee believes the 2012 Elections will be .very, very, very close'...

The post Spike Lee on 2012 race: Voters to decide between 'Obama or Mormon' appeared first on theGrio.

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Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are allegedly becoming fast friends for an unlikely reason -- they're both religious...

The post Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian reportedly 'bond over religion' appeared first on theGrio.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The African Methodist Episcopal Church is condemning a false online report that the denomination withdrew support for President Barack Obama over his support for same-sex marriage...

The post AME Church denies withdrawing support for Obama appeared first on theGrio.

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Leontine T.C. Kelly, the first African-American woman elected as a bishop by the United Methodist Church, passed away on June 28th at the age of 92...

The post Leontine Kelly: African-American United Methodist female bishop dead at 92 appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - The predominantly white Southern Baptist denomination made history and headlines late Tuesday when they elected Fred Luter, Jr. their first African-American president...

The post Can Southern Baptists’ 1st black president restore faith? appeared first on theGrio.

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Rev. Fred Luter Jr. was unopposed in being elected by thousands of enthusiastic delegates on Tuesday...

The post Southern Baptists elect 1st black president appeared first on theGrio.

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Southern Baptists may elect their first African-American president when they meet Tuesday as the nation's largest Protestant denomination...

The post Southern Baptists meet during challenging times appeared first on theGrio.

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