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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former presidential adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman released another audio recording Monday that […]

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Monday 05.28.18 Former New York City mayor and part-time Boston Red Sox panderer, er … fan, Rudy Giuliani was booed heavily by the crowd at Yankee Stadium when it was announced that it was Giuliani’s 74th birthday. Former professional wrestler Booker T, who famously told wrestling legend Hulk Hogan he was “coming for you, n—-,” […]

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Brace yourselves for the Trump cabinet picks. His choices to help run the government range from bad to worse, and together form a “cabinet of deplorables.”

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In an interview on Steve Harvey’s radio show, President Obama said that anyone who votes for a third party candidate or stays at home is casting their ballot for the Republican nominee...

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani forgets about 9-11 while stomping for Donald Trump […]

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Behold the new Republican Party in all its hot messiness. The first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was instructive in telling us everything we need to know about the so-called party of Lincoln. Simply put, it is a circus. And the clowns were on display. Monday night was a showcase of the […]

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