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Just when parents had finally recovered from the Tide pod challenge, the “Hot water challenge” has now taken its place, and with even more harmful ramifications. An Indianapolis family is speaking up about the dangers of the social media challenge after the prank resulted in a 15-year-old being severely burned. —Lebron James takes on Trump’s […]

The post Viral ‘Hot water challenge’ leaves teen seriously burned ‘My skin just fell off my chest and face’ appeared first on theGrio.

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When it comes to academics and sports in Philadelphia, the statistics are sobering. Philadelphia is America’s poorest big city, with 1 in 3 kids living in poverty. Philadelphia public and charter schools do not offer organized sports for K-8 students, and the dropout rate for students in grades nine through 12 is a shocking 60 […]

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From Black Panther‘s BIG box office win…to teens taking a stand against guns… to Trump trolling instead of being presidential… Here’s #TheDownload for Tuesday, February 20th. On Sunday night, Donald Trump came for Oprah Winfrey— because apparently POTUS doesn’t know how the internet works. The notoriously thin-skinned and Twitter obsessed president apparently couldn’t take it when Oprah put […]

The post The Download | Feb. 20 : Black Panther breaks records + Trump trolling crosses the line + teens fight back appeared first on theGrio.

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SYDNEY (AP) — Apple was facing accusations of racism in Australia on Thursday after a group of black teenagers was asked to leave a store in Melbourne when a staffer expressed concern they would shoplift.

The post Australian Apple store accused of racism after black teens ejected appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Black teens are engaging in less risky sexual behavior than two decades ago, according to new data...

The post Risky sexual behavior down among black teens, but trouble still exists appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - A new study of Pennsylvania teens found racial differences in the personality traits that contribute to youth drinking...

The post Black teens drink less alcohol, but more impulsive, study says appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - A new study out of Pediatrics shows the link between spanking and several mental disorders later in life...

The post Study: spanking may lead to depression, anxiety and alcoholism appeared first on theGrio.

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