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Despite all the accolades on his resume, none of them are as fulfilling as that of his most demanding role: fatherhood.

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As a human resources professional Floyd Sartin knows a thing or two about connections with people. As the Director of Human Resources at Service Year Alliance, he is tasked with leading strategic business initiatives and managing and implementing HR functions. And while his role within the company allows him to serve his peers, he has […]

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Outside of making sure that we are represented, Oliphant’s biggest obstacle is navigating the images that his children see within his own home.

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What’s the best way to teach your child the ABCs or the months of the year? For this dad, it's all in dance and fun.

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Being a parent and a police officer— especially in today’s heightened racial climate—is extremely challenging and requires many family sacrifices. Enrique Simmons, a husband and father of three knows first-hand how difficult it is. The Washington, D.C. police officer has served the Metropolitan Police Department (DC) on their overnight shift all 12 of those years. […]

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It’s no doubt that intellectual curiosity, hard work and education were the essential ingredients that led to Dr. Ramsey Smith’s career path as a technology infusion manager and space scientist for NASA. And as opportunities for African Americans within the STEM world seem few and far between, Dr. Smith not only excels at his role, […]

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Photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife, Janine Harper, were looking for a way to teach their young daughter Lily about importance of black women in history, so they decided to bring history to life. They created the Black Heroine’s Project as a way to help Lily learn about African-American women whose strength and courage have […]

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Khalid Sumner is a storyteller. As a television and film writer he has a hand in the images and portrayals that we all see on screen. But as a father, the images that his twin daughters, Aniya and Kayla, see both on and off the screen are his number one priority. Currently a Brooklyn resident, […]

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Panama Jackson, one half of the very popular blogging duo “Very Smart Brothas,” has been keeping us entertained for nearly 10 years.  On the famed blog, Jackson provides the interwebs with his thoughts on everything from relationships to pop culture, to social justice. You’ll even find his humorous takes on cultural topics, such as “20 […]

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David Huntley is no stranger to hard work. In his role as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at AT&T, he’s responsible for developing policies to safeguard the privacy of customer and employee information, and ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements globally. He’s also the highest-ranking African American at the $163.8 […]

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