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As reporters questioned him the other day about the secret of the Dallas Cowboys’ success, running back Ezekiel Elliott often had a puzzled look on his face. There is no mystery, the star rookie thought to himself. All you have to do is look up front. “The O-line. They grind guys down,” Elliott said matter-of-factly […]

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Everybody was thinking it. Philadelphia Eagles fans were thinking it. This was the game where the miraculous, come from nowhere to possible MVP of the league, savior of the Dallas Cowboys ride was going to end for Dak Prescott. After all the miscommunication, misfires, what-in-the-heck-was-he-thinking decisions and oh-he-is-a-rookie second-guessing, you had to figure the Cowboys […]

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When the NBA regular-season begins Tuesday, players, coaches and team executives must exorcise demons. Last season’s bad plays and bad decisions must be forgotten for anything memorable to occur this season. At the same time, the players must steel themselves against the media mobs, the body snatchers who seek to invade the athletes’ privacy. Those […]

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Their probably-past-his-prime franchise quarterback can’t stay healthy. They’ve gone more than a year without a victory at home. And they’re in one of the worst and unluckiest and well-deserved stretches of ineptitude in recent team history. How ’bout them Cowboys! Things appear to be so thoroughly bleak for Dallas these days; it’s easy to forget […]

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Five hundred and ninety-eight days have passed since Jan. 11, 2015. Otherwise known as the last time the Dallas Cowboys played a meaningful football game. It’s the game that produced the infamous DeMarco Murray fumble, but the even more notorious Dez Bryant catch that was ultimately ruled a noncatch. What it is ultimately, though, is […]

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GAME. BLOUSES. Where to even begin after a weekend like that? There was Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards and rapper Kanye West’s — BROOOOOOOO! — free four-minute reign. There was football on the screen almost all of Sunday, but Cincinnati Bengals dart-catcher A.J. Green might already be injured. And then there was Dallas Cowboys […]

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