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This week, the NFL once again confirmed that their value system - as an organization - is a dumpster fire of every problematic, misogynistic, and deeply racist stereotype.

The post Mandingos vs. Activists: Why the NFL embraces Reuben Foster after domestic violence allegations, but Colin Kaepernick is still out appeared first on theGrio.

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Within the confines of #BlackLove, there's a huge distinction between being the ride-or-die who is growing with someone versus being used as a longterm crutch.

The post Adorned vs. a Doormat: When does being a ride-or-die girlfriend STOP making sense? appeared first on theGrio.

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Gina Rodriguez continues to be mad as she believes Black women receive more blessings than Latinax in Hollywood.

The post ‘Habitual Hater’ Gina Rodriguez is the Latina friend you DON’T want speaking up for you appeared first on theGrio.

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Recently, Ellen Pompeo, Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts all sat down to have a brutally honest discussion about what it’s like to be a woman in television and things got real. This week Net-a-Porter released their latest installment from actress roundtable discussion series, and both Union and the viewing audience seemed pleasantly surprised when Pompeo used […]

The post Gabrielle Union’s reaction to Ellen Pompeo calling out white privilege is a WHOLE mood appeared first on theGrio.

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  This week, reports have surfaced that urban model and gossip blog fave Blac Chyna is planning to release her own line of skin-lightening cream and not surprisingly, her fans are NOT feeling it. According to People, the 30-year-old mother of two partnered with beauty brand Whitenicious by Dencia to launch her own line of creams that claim […]

The post Blac Chyna is promoting her skin lightening cream in Africa…because of course she is appeared first on theGrio.

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TheGrio's senior writer Blue Telusma quickly address the most prevalent excuses and justifications Black folks give to sit out of the voting process.

The post Confession: ‘Woke’ Black people who want change but REFUSE to vote are wearing me out appeared first on theGrio.

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A few weeks ago I attended a briefing with former Attorney General, Eric Holder, about the 2018 midterms, and without a shred of hyperbole in his voice, he told those of us in attendance that these upcoming elections may be some of the most important of our lifetime. The urgency in Holder’s voice that afternoon can be […]

The post 5 reasons why NOT voting in the 2018 midterms may get you canceled appeared first on theGrio.

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How Airbnb and the D.C. police department let down theGrio senior writer Blue Telusma when she came home to a frightening sight.

The post My white Airbnb guest pooped all over my bedroom, and the police took his side appeared first on theGrio.

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  Welp, it looks like Megyn Kelly is out at NBC, sources confirmed Thursday for the Daily Mail. While the network has yet to make an official statement, according to Page Six, less than 48 hours after the Megyn Kelly Today host defended blackface during a segment on Halloween costumes, NBC execs tried distancing themselves from her. Thursday […]

The post The $69 million breakup: Megyn Kelly scandal is peak white privilege appeared first on theGrio.

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Melania Trump is bringing her #BeBest foolishness to Africa, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Wednesday, the first lady announced that she would be visiting Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt next week, kicking off her first major international solo trip to promote child welfare and education. While her need to get as far […]

The post #BeGone: Melania Trump is bringing her ‘Be Best’ foolishness to Africa appeared first on theGrio.

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  On Monday, Nike drew a very clear line in the sand by choosing Colin Kaepernick to be the first face celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their ‘Just Do It” campaign. In the first bold statement the ad reads: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything #JustDoIt.” Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. […]

The post Nike doubles down after Kaepernick campaign unleashes a flood of white tears appeared first on theGrio.

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Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum is probably having one of the best week's of his life, and has managed to make a lot of new fans in the process.

The post Is Andrew Gillum the ‘Woke Obama’ we’ve all been waiting for? appeared first on theGrio.

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White fragility has become such a deadly threat to our communities because society continues to handicap white Americans by sparing their feelings and making them feel as is they are above reproach.

The post Why is white fragility considered a reason for ‘a state of emergency’ in Charlottesville? appeared first on theGrio.

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Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” prompted a discussion last week when one of the husbands-to-be mentioned his need for a fair skinned wife.

The post ‘She can’t be darker than me’: Reality show highlights our never-ending lesson in colorism appeared first on theGrio.

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For anyone on the fence about this show, here are my top five reasons why you need to check out Season 2 of Luke Cage on Netflix, even if you don't know a damn thing about comic books.

The post 5 Reasons Why Season 2 of ‘Luke Cage’ is a surprising MUST SEE appeared first on theGrio.

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This week some of ya’ll have lost your damn minds and turned your backs on Maxine Waters, our patron saint of side-eyes, social justice, and snatching the wigs off all things including the one on Donald Trump’s head. I am here to tell you very respectfully: cut that ish out. Right now. This past weekend, […]

The post OPINION: Ya’ll Tripping: Maxine Waters and the “Angry Auntie” antics are EXACTLY what we need to fight Donald Trump appeared first on theGrio.

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ABC gave the green light to a 'Roseanne' spin-off that does not include Roseanne Barr, but will the new show be just as problematic?

The post Roseanne is gone, but is ABC’s reboot ‘The Connors’ a good look? appeared first on theGrio.

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"Once I pushed past the obvious marketing ploys sprinkled throughout to keep us all buzzing - there were a few surprising gems in there that even the biggest Beyoncé and Jay-Z dissenters have to admit are bigger than the music." -Blue Telusma

The post Everything Is Love: 5 Timely messages in Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s new album that are bigger than the music appeared first on theGrio.

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When the stats came out that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump, it probably triggered feelings of anger (and betrayal) in liberal white women.

The post “Ivanka Trump is useless”: Michelle Wolf and the (long overdue) age of white women dragging their own appeared first on theGrio.

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If Rosanne Barr was looking for an easy target to pick on this week, Valeria Jarrett is clearly not the one. The newly unemployed comedienne had been riding high the last couple months due to the epic wave of support she received for the reboot of her beloved 90’s sitcom. She had new fans from […]

The post 5 Things Roseanne should have known about Valerie Jarrett appeared first on theGrio.

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On the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Facebook talk show, “Red Table Talk,” she and fellow Black Hollywood favorite Gabrielle Union finally let go of their 17-year feud. Even though both actresses have teased us about this long overdue sit-down in the press, the episode showing how it all went down wasn’t released until Memorial […]

The post Outgrowing Petty: What Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett-Smith can teach us about forgiveness appeared first on theGrio.

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Starbucks has released a preview of their “lets learn how to stop being racist in one afternoon” training, and I gotta be honest – I’m nervous AF ya’ll. Last month the coffee chain dominated the headlines after two Black men sitting quietly at one of their Philadelphia branches were arrested for basically breathing while Black. And […]

The post Starbucks invites Common to take part in their ‘Racial Bias Training’ and now I have concerns appeared first on theGrio.

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Tomi Lahren had water thrown at her while she was at brunch last week and wants to remind all of us that she’s “a real person.” Wednesday morning, Lahren appeared on Fox & Friends to speak out against an incident in which a woman at a Minneapolis restaurant threw water at her as the rest of the patrons all erupted in […]

The post White-on-White Crime: Tomi Lahren speaks out after “embarrassing” water attack at the hands of a fellow white woman appeared first on theGrio.

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Below is a quick round up of some of the craziest stunts pulled by the other side of Meghan's family (ok...her dad's side of the family to be specific.)

The post 7 messiest moments from Meghan Markle’s uninvited white family appeared first on theGrio.

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This week, I was reminded not allies are created equal. Monday, YouTuber Nicole Arbour ruffled a lot of feathers with her ill advised video This is America: Women’s Edit, which was meant to be a women’s empowerment remake of Childish Gambino’s viral sensation. The internet pretty universally agreed that the video was bad. Really, really […]

The post Dear White People: Here’s how to be a REAL ally instead of just playing one on social media appeared first on theGrio.

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