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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has declared that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States...

The post Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage legal nationwide appeared first on theGrio.

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CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland, Ohio police officers use excessive and unnecessary force far too often, are poorly trained in tactics and firearm use and endanger the public and their fellow officers with their recklessness, the U.S. Justice Department said in a report presented Thursday by Attorney General Eric Holder...

The post Justice Department to Cleveland police: You’re reckless, poorly trained appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - Thousands of mourners gathered at a St. Louis church Monday to pay respects to Michael Brown, the 18-year-old teenager who was shot by a police officer two weeks ago in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking more than a week of violent protest...

The post Funeral services held for Michael Brown draws thousands appeared first on theGrio.

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FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The police department in a St. Louis suburb where a man was shot and killed by a police officer is asking protesters to gather only during daylight...

The post Police ask for end to nighttime protests in Ferguson appeared first on theGrio.

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EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) — President Barack Obama says that while the shooting death of a Missouri teenager has prompted "strong passions," people should remember Michael Brown through "reflection and understanding."...

The post President Obama: Michael Brown’s death is ‘heartbreaking’ appeared first on theGrio.

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NEW YORK (AP) — A chokehold used by a white police officer on a black New York City man during his arrest for selling untaxed, loose cigarettes last month caused his death, the medical examiner announced Friday, ruling it a homicide...

The post Official: Police chokehold caused NYC man’s death appeared first on theGrio.

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ORLANDO, Florida (AP) — The U.S. man famous for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager told police that he had been hired as security for a gun store, a claim that the store's manager denied Tuesday...

The post Gun store manager denies hiring George Zimmerman as ‘patrolmen’ appeared first on theGrio.

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HOUSTON (AP) — A former member of the 1990s R&B group Hi-Five has been arrested in the stabbing death of his wife in Houston...

The post Former member of R&B group ‘Hi-Five’ arrested in death of wife appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - A Louisiana woman is being charged with attempted murder after deputies say she flung her baby out of a moving car...

The post Woman allegedly tossed baby from a moving car appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - More than a dozen homeless people flanked by numerous representatives of non-profit food sharing programs and religious groups stood Wednesday on the steps of Kansas City, Missouri's City Hall protesting a proposed city ordinance...

The post New regulations for feeding the homeless leads to protests in Kansas City appeared first on theGrio.

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TORONTO (AP) - A Canadian couple endured a roller-coaster ride of emotions when a lottery ticket worth $50 million went missing only to be found and returned by someone at their church...

The post Couple recovers $50 million lottery ticket appeared first on theGrio.

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OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Five friends of Oscar Grant, the man who was fatally shot by a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer, have reached a deal to settle a federal lawsuit against the agency, officials said...

The post Friends of Oscar Grant reach settlement in federal lawsuit appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - Students in Missouri City, Texas say their school bus driver stopped the bus in traffic on a bridge and told the children to drive themselves home...

The post School bus driver abandons kids on Texas bridge appeared first on theGrio.

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CHICAGO (AP) — President Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago plans to name a high school after him...

The post Chicago to name high school after President Obama appeared first on theGrio.

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OPINION - Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston learned Thursday that State Attorney Willie Meggs would not pursue any charges against him after being linked to an alleged sexual assault...

The post What’s next for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston? appeared first on theGrio.

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HATTIESBURB, MS -- More than 50 years ago, the president of an all-white university in Mississippi went to such great lengths to keep a black man from enrolling as a student, that he had the man arrested on trumped up charges and sent to prison...

The post Dr. Rodney Bennett breaks barrier as first black president of Southern Miss appeared first on theGrio.

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A new voter ID law passed by Republicans in Pennsylvania could disenfranchise over three quarters of a million voters, and will likely hit the poor and minorities hardest.

The post 'It's a nightmare': Pennsylvanians without ID speak out on controversial new voting law appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - The most recent homage to Beyoncé, grabbing the attention of YouTube viewers is 'Countdown (Snuggie Version)'...

The post Beyoncé's 'Countdown' rebooted in a snuggie (VIDEO) appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Although he is married to one of the biggest and most beautiful superstars in the world, rap star Jay-Z has had a 22-year crush on actress Nia Long...

The post Jay-Z admits to 'having a crush' on Nia Long appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson is set to star on NBC's 'Smash'...

The post Jennifer Hudson to star on NBC's 'Smash' appeared first on theGrio.

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Arizona, Immigration, Politics, Racial Profiling, Supreme Court, Uncategorized -

theGRIO REPORT - The Supreme Court Monday struck down much of a controversial immigration law passed in 2010 by the State of Arizona, but for now kept in place the part most hated by liberals...

The post Supreme Court strikes most of controversial Arizona immigration law appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Prosecutors on Monday released audiotapes and transcripts of six phonecalls between George and Shellie Zimmerman, all placed while George was in a Sanford jail...

The post Zimmerman jailhouse calls: George said upon release, ‘I’d have my hoodie’ appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - This is the fourth time in two years he has been arrested for reportedly masturbating with a teddy bear in public...

The post Man arrested for having sex with teddy bear for 4th time appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - The second day of testimony in the trial of a teenager accused of masterminding the fiery attack of a classmate has failed to produce the level of drama the jurors saw Tuesday...

The post Florida teen who allegedly set classmate on fire on trial appeared first on theGrio.

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NEW YORK (AP) - New York City's Board of Health signaled strong support Tuesday for the mayor's plan to fight obesity by banning the sale of large, sugary beverages at local restaurants.

The post NYC Board of Health backs sugary drink ban appeared first on theGrio.

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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama urged European leaders on Friday to prevent a looming overseas debt crisis from dragging down the rest of the world...

The post Obama: Congress, Europe must stem economic crisis appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - Today, Nas released the album trailer along with its cover, which features his ex-wife Kelis' green wedding dress draped over his leg...

The post Nas unveils 'Life Is Good' cover, takes shot at Kelis appeared first on theGrio.

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The aftermath of Nicki Minaj's absence at this year's Summer Jam continues, but at least she has some support from Lauryn Hill...

The post Lauryn Hill supports Nicki Minaj's summer jam decision appeared first on theGrio.

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Canada, ethnic cleansing, News, Robert Mugabe, Tourism body, UN, Uncategorized, United Nations, World Tourism Organisation, Zimbabwe -

theGrio REPORT -- Canada has chosen to formally remove itself from The UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Body)...

The post Canada withdraws from UN group over Mugabe tourism pick appeared first on theGrio.

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Cannibalism, Maryland, Miami, New Jersey, News, Uncategorized, Zombie -

theGRIO REPORT - Video of a bloodied "zombie" attacking Miami residents has gone viral.

The post Zombie attack prank goes viral appeared first on theGrio.

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