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From Michelle Obama, Dwyane Wade and Betty White to Steve Harvey, Jan. 17 offers an embarrassment of riches for celebrity birthday followers. One name in particular, however, towers above the others: Muhammad Ali. The self-proclaimed and globally anointed “Greatest” would have been 76 today. To say Muhammad Ali is an inspiration for Team Undefeated is […]

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, June 4, 1967. Some of the greatest black athletes in the country gathered in a nondescript office building in Cleveland. According to legend — and countless media reports in subsequent years that failed to challenge that legend — the athletes had come together to decide whether to lend their […]

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My cousin Harry’s name is written on a wall in Washington. He didn’t write his name himself. In 1968, his name was written by artillery, mortar and rocket fire that claimed his life in Vietnam. He was 19 and weeks into his tour of duty. He will always be 19. And his name will stand […]

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On Jan. 12, 1967 — 50 years ago on Thursday — Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay, received word that not only had Local Board No. 47 reviewed his file and declined to reopen his classification, but the board agreed unanimously that he was not exempt from the draft via the ministerial exemption. Two days […]

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Before Muhammad Ali became known for his defeat as of Joe Frazier, the young boxer was convicted, sentenced, and fined $10,000 on June 20, 1967...

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