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What many political historians will tell you is that Donald Trump‘s brand of politics was not created in a vacuum. And most will point to an ad during George H.W. Bush‘s 1988 presidential campaign as the progenitor of dog-whistle political ads. READ MORE: Shirley Chisholm NYC statue to help ‘correct glaring inequity in public spaces’ That’s when Lee […]

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Donald Trump has stepped up his anti-immigration tactics with a blatantly racist new ad featuring a twice-deported Mexican immigrant cop-killer, Luis Bracamontes.

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Thick, black clouds of smoke billowing into the evening sky were the first signs of trouble for the players, fans and workers at Detroit Stadium in 1967. Ominous skies merely alerted the patrons leaving the ballpark after the Detroit Tigers’ doubleheader against the New York Yankees that they needed to be careful returning to their […]

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Black Detroit — A People’s History of Self-Determination is a history of the African-American community in one of America’s most fabled cities. My narrative is framed with an aim of discussing how fugitive slaves from the “peculiar institutions” of the South via the Underground Railroad formed a thriving community of workers, who were decisive in […]

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