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When Sarah Braasch called the police on Lolade Siyonbola for falling asleep in the common room of the Yale residence hall where they both live, she probably did not expect to be at the center of a viral social media story, but that's what happened.

The post Shonda Rhimes, Roxane Gay and Soledad O’Brien react to #NappingWhileBlack incident at Yale appeared first on theGrio.

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Yale's Vice President of Student Life, Kimberly Goff-Crews issued a statement to students yesterday in response to the #NappingWhileBlack incident that occurred in a residence hall earlier this week.

The post Yale says police ‘admonished’ the woman who called them to remove a napping Black grad student appeared first on theGrio.

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A Yale dean has issued a statement to students now that Yale teaching fellow Lolade Siyonbola shared videos of being confronted by her neighbor and police officers in campus housing.

The post #YaleWhileBlack: Yale Dean issues response about Black grad student questioned by cops for napping in dorm appeared first on theGrio.

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