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Terry Crews accepts apology letter from ex-agent accused of groping him


Terry Crews is accepting an apology and is publicly sharing a letter from the former Hollywood agent accused of groping him.

The actor and star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine released on Twitter Friday the letter from Adam Venit sent to him in March as well as Venit’s apology after he left his agency, William Morris Endeavor, on Tuesday.

Crews said Venit groped him at a party in Hollywood in 2016 and filed a police report last year. He has since been very outspoken about it and in June testified before Congress for the Sexual Assault Bill of Rights.

While Venit did not admit specifically to Crew’s claims in his letter, the ex-agent said that “I take responsibility for us being here now, together in this situation. I am sorry for all of it.”

Venit was head of VME’s motion picture department at the time of his resignation this week. He previously served a 30-day suspension and was cleared of any charges by the agency. Criminal charges against Venit were also dropped and he’s in the process of settling a suit filed by Crews, Variety reports.

Venit expressed some remorse in his letter to Crews.

“I want to use this moment to be a positive influence with you and not just another Hollywood story that becomes the narrative of who we both are. We both are so much more and have so much more to offer,” Venit added. “I even hope that someday we can come together and go forward with compassion and understanding, and be an amazing force for positivity and change in our culture.”

He also added: “I have dedicated myself to spiritual self-discovery in an effort to be the best person I can be for the rest of my life, and hopefully make a difference to me, my family, and everyone I know.”

Crews did not comment further Friday. But on he did tweet out his support Wednesday to CBS News reporter Jericka Duncan who said now-ousted 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager threatened to have her fired for investigating sexual harassment allegations against him.

Proud of you Jericka. Before #metoo, (Fager)  would have had you fired. He says so in his own text,” Crews tweeted. “The arrogance is astounding.”


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