The Morning Roast: 8/27/17 All good things must come to an end — United Black Books
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The Morning Roast: 8/27/17 All good things must come to an end

Some of you might not know, but the show is coming to a close. Once football season starts, things change on the ESPN Radio calendar, so Sept. 3 is our last show. And this week was Domonique Foxworth’s last.

Hour 1

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Of course, the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight was the night before, and magically all three of the hosts actually watched the fight. Clinton Yates was thoroughly entertained and thought that McGregor did pretty well for himself, considering. Mina Kimes, however, thoroughly believes that this whole fight was nothing but a big setup for a rematch. Perhaps. Also, Yates displayed his tremendous knowledge of side gigs and how much they pay. For whatever reason, Mr. Union Foxworth seems to believe that negotiations don’t favor ring girls in boxing matches. Turns out, Yates was right on that.

Later, we got to talking about Julian Edelman and his injury and what that means for the New England Patriots from a personnel standpoint. Domonique and Mina got talking football, which means that it was time for the music to start back up, because we are officially gearing up for the gridiron.

The hour ended with talk about Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas potentially not being traded for one another because of injury issues with Thomas, the former Celtics point guard. Who would be better off if the trade were rescinded? It’s an interesting question.

Hour 2

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Bernardo Osuna, ESPN Deportes boxing reporter and host of Nacion ESPN on ESPN2, joined us to talk Mayweather-McGregor. He found the fight to be rather entertaining but also rather predictable, considering McGregor’s previous experience from a stamina standpoint. We also got a fun update from Osuna about what his daughter texted him, and he explained why McGregor said, “I turned him into a Mexican.” Spoiler alert: Osuna thought it was funny.

Then, after reviewing Teddy Atlas and Stephen A. Smith’s argument about how the fight is analogous to turning a gourmet chef into a short-order cook, things went off the rails. Yates, a former short-order cook himself, took offense to that notion. Also, Kimes is not a fan of burgers outside of fast-food joints. The segment ended with Foxworth ready to show the world that he’s got the best dance moves on the show.

To close the hour, we discussed what the football is going to be like in a post-Charlottesville world. You might recall that many of the Cleveland Browns took a knee during the first preseason game, which sparked a wave of reactions from people. Seth DeValve became the first white player to do this in the league, and his wife provided a very necessary perspective.

Hour 3

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In reviewing the fight, Foxworth told a story about going to see a teammate fight in Vegas, which quickly transitioned into a talk about how defensive backs would be the best boxers in the NFL. Of course, Kimes thought the best boxer in the league would be a Seattle Seahawk. But most importantly, we did our best job of looking back on the show, which was Foxworth’s last. Also, Yates couldn’t decide whether he wants to get the NFL Ticket and Foxworth is looking to destroy his house by playing virtual reality football in his basement.

Following, we had a long talk about whether the NFL should eliminate the preseason altogether, which we all felt was maybe too far. Foxworth says more practices between teams and fewer actual games would help. He also broke down to extreme detail exactly why Julian Edelman would not have been injured on that specific play if it had happened at practice versus in a game.

Of course, we all had a blast in What Did We Learn, but it was sad because it was our last show together as three. Sad bear.


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