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‘The Real’ Fans Trash ‘The View’ After Hosts Throw Shade

daytime emmys, Entertainment, Joy Behar, loni love ig, News Video, Television, The Real, the view, TV, Whoopi Goldberg -

‘The Real’ Fans Trash ‘The View’ After Hosts Throw Shade

As “The View” wrapped up its Thursday episode, the co-panelists began discussing the similar daytime panel talk shows that have cropped up since their Barbara Walters-created program began in 1997. And it seemed Joy Behar and Megan McCain threw some shade at other women-centered shows like “The Real” and “The Talk,” leading the host of the former to hit back.

Whoopi welcomed the audience back from commercial break and explained the co-hosts were talking about the perception of shows like “The View.”

“But there isn’t a show like ours, is there?” she asks.

“No, not really. Well, they copy us,” Behar responds. “There are a couple out there that copied us because we started. But they don’t do a child having a tantrum and politics.”

“We also get to talk about real issues and debate like Americans do,” McCain adds. “And women getting to do that on television is something that’s very rare. And we don’t shy away from hard things on this show.”

The apparent shade had social media users fired up and blasting “The View.”

“All I see is old white women that’ll clutch the f— out they purse if anyone Black comes near them *turns the channel*, one Instagram user wrote.

“Just a little salty cause they didn’t win the Emmy🤣,” someone else said remarking on “The Real” nagging the Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts award at the Daytime Emmys Sunday, April 29.

“Girl @whoopigoldberg don’t nobody watch your show but people 50 and over. Please sit down,” said another.

In response to the clip, Love took to Instagram and said she had nothing but adoration for her predecessors. But she also highlighted what makes her non-white-women-focused show different.

“Still love ‘The View’ and all the other shows that empower women,” she wrote. “That is why when we accepted the Emmy I made sure to thank the nominated shows. Whoopi even sent a basket congratulating ‘The Real’ … if anyone watched ‘The Real’ this week you saw us discuss Mute R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and the Kanye [West] interview.. ‘The Real’ has fourth of the budget that ‘The View’ has but we continue to highlight women with the “Hotline Bling” calls and give exposure to things that [affect] women of color. They can keep talking to politicians but we talk to the people!!!”

In response, many applauded the comedian’s memo.

“That’s right,” someone commented. “Your show is my favorite.”

“Let ’em know Loni ,” said another.

“You girls are the real deal!” a different commenter said.

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