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The Ryan Gosling Oscar meme was the whisper heard ’round the world The internet never fails to make awards shows more entertaining — and we’re here for it

The best part of watching any awards show is seeing the memes that are sure to follow. And during the 2017 Academy Awards last night, of course, the internet delivered. There was dozens of things for audience members to react to — whether it was Viola Davis’ gripping speech or host Jimmy Kimmel’s cringe-worthy “jokes,” a lot happened at the Oscars. And if you were lucky enough to be in the crowd, it was pretty hard to hide your reaction to some of this stuff. No one was safe, including Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling.

The evening’s host, Kimmel brought a group of tourists on stage in the middle of the awards show, where they were greeted by several of the celebrities in the audience. One of these celebrities happened to be Gosling, who took the opportunity to whisper a few sweet nothings into the ear of one unsuspecting guest, Vickie. Of course we have no idea what he said, but the internet waits for nobody, and speculation began to swirl within minutes. The internet is truly the gift that just keeps on giving. Here are some of the funniest takes on “the whisper” heard round the world.

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