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These Touching Tweets Capture Exactly How People Feel About the Repeated Murders of Black People

ct-chicagoHours before the video of the brutal police shooting of Laquan McDonald was publicly released, many people took to Twitter to express their concerns about the content and distribution of the footage.

While for some, the release of the footage of McDonald’s murder was a measure of accountability and transparency, others felt it bordered voyeurism, and contributed to the mental trauma suffered by many Blacks from police violence.

Users commented how images of Black people being killed were freely distributed, while images of white people being killed were censored and protected from being released.

The hashtag, #BeforeYouWatch, began to trend on Twitter to warn people of the potential emotional and spiritual effects of the content.

One user, @MalcolmLondon, who was later arrested during the Chicago protests, reminds viewers that despite the violence depicted on the video towards Black bodies, that they are loved.

Users tweeted often how the video is not needed to affirm what many Black people already know— that they are disproportionately subjected to police violence and their killers are not held accountable.

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