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Toni Braxton on her new album, relationships and positive reality TV

Grammy-award winning singer and reality TV star Toni Braxton is releasing her ninth studio album, Sex and Cigarettes and the sultry songstress promises it will be worth the wait for her millions of fans. This will be Braxton‘s first solo album in eight years.

Braxton first hit the music scene in 1992, teaming up with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds with her widely successful track Love Shoulda Brought You Home on the Boomerang soundtrack. Teaming up with Edmonds again, she followed up her with debut album, Toni Braxton, earning several awards. And in a new interview with US Magazine, opened up about her relationships, keeping it positive on reality TV and what fans can expect from her new album.

Toni On Relationships

Braxton recalls when she first fell in love and the devastating aftermath of the breakup. According to US Magazine, Braxton states, “I remember [being] in love…and after we broke up…I think he’s over there tripping about me, but then to learn he’s moved on, it’s a hard experience. I wanted to dive into that.”

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Toni On The New Album

The singer, who says her album is reminiscent of Adele’s “Hello”, tells US Magazine “It’s about girl empowerment, but at the same time I’m dying inside because the guy has moved on. Sex and Cigarettes [is] the next step for sexy and for my sound. I think as an artist you have to push the envelope even further and that’s what I think I did with this album. I think my fans are really going to like it.”

Toni On Reality TV

Currently there is a lot of pressure to “perform” on reality T.V. shows. Braxton says that her family shopped around their reality show pilot and chose to go with Magical Elves production company and WE tv because it was important to her that she and her family were able to be who they are, and not forced to portray any of negative stereotypes.

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Tamar Braxton said “We were not interested in fighting or buffoonery, that’s not what we do. We are used to being candid and open with each other, but we are not trying to act like fools on TV.”

“Hopefully we can set the standard for other shows; that you don’t have to act like a bunch of idiots to be on TV. It’s not what this is about. I don’t want to punch my sister in the face. I love my sister.”

Unfortunately the only thing not discussed in the wide-ranging interview was Toni Braxton’s rumored relationship with rap mogul Birdman.

As Ebony reported, Toni Braxton and Birdman really got tongues wagging about their relationship with the 2016 release of their collaboration “Heart Away” which hinted at the blossoming romance.

“He took my heart away,” sings Braxton. “Bad man with good manner / Played me like I was a habit / Middle finger, he could have it / I used to dream of livin’ lavish / Now a girl’s a livin’ legend.” Later, the Cash Money boss offers a few lines of his own. “Overseas and we high, steering wheel on the right side,” he raps. “Good girl with a bad guy, I took her heart, I won’t lie.”

Perhaps there’s another future collaboration for the two entertainers in the future.







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