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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Top 5
(photo via Instagram/Mike Pont—WireImage/Getty Images)

Anthony Bourdain Was Found Dead In His Hotel: The 61-year-old celebrity chef reportedly committed suicide on Friday in his French hotel room, CNN reported. Bourdain was in the middle of filming an upcoming episode of his show “Parts Unknown.”

Floyd Mayweather Is Holding Off on MMA Fight: The professional boxer said he’s a little to busy at the moment to pursue the MMA fight with martial artist Connor McGregor. He told TMZ he’s currently focusing on his family and is hitting the pause button on the match for the moment.

Maury Invites Drake to Take Paternity Test on His Show: Talk show host Maury Povich offers his famous paternity test to rapper Drake on Thursday after Pusha T hinted the rapper has a child with former stripper Sophie Brussaux. The 79-year-old told TMZ, “Drake, come on, a new season starts next month, we’re ready.”

Facebook Glitch Affected 14 Million Users’ Privacy Settings: The huge social media platform said that a bug changed the privacy settings to “public” for nearly 14 million users. If the user didn’t notice the change, they may have unknowingly shared private information earmarked for family and friends, publicly. The company issued an apology and plans on notifying those who were affected.

Mariah Carey’s 7-Year-Old Son Orders a Dog Online: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s son Moroccan, ordered a dog online and spent over $5000 on Amazon. The “Heartbreaker” singer told Jimmy Kimmel that her “son is like a technological genius”, but the pet purchase was canceled.

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