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University of Wisconsin Student Explains his ‘All White People are Racist’ Apparel, Gets Death Threats

A University of Wisconsin– Madison student received death threats after wearing clothing challenging racism on campus.

Student Eneale Pickett added messages on his clothing after a Black student was reportedly assaulted on campus. According to WKOW, that student was spat on and called racial slurs in the dorms last year.

However, that was not the only incident. Black students have protested in the wake of the racial incidents and hope to spark change on campus. Pickett tells reporters Black people will not lay down and take the racism they face. Despite the social media threats, Pickett remains steadfast in his beliefs.

“I got death threats,” he says. “I have people using racial slurs [online]. Not a lot of people approach me especially with this shirt on… A lot of people want to talk about race in this very nice way… If you need to be comfortable, that is a problem.”

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