#BlackOnBlue, fatal police shooting, Featured, News -

Video showing fatal police shooting of unarmed Black man raises more questions, family says

#BlackOnBlue, fatal police shooting, Featured, News -

Video showing fatal police shooting of unarmed Black man raises more questions, family says

Body-camera footage showing the fatal police shooting of Marcus-David Peters after he was hit with a stun gun raised more questions than it provided answers, the man’s family said after viewing the footage.
Peters was naked and unarmed when he emerged from his car and ran toward the officer on Interstate 95 in Richmond, Va. Body-camera footage, made public Friday, shows an officer identified as Michael Nyantakyi shooting Marcus-David Peters twice with a gun after first using a taser to try to subdue him.

In a press conference, Peters’ sister, Princess Blanding, said it was obvious her brother was distressed and needed help, reports AP News. She also questioned why Nyantakyi suggested on video that further lethal force might be necessary when Peters was already wounded.

“Furthermore, this entire situation really has me wondering: Who are police trained to help? Who are they serving and protecting? Themselves?” Blanding said after viewing the footage.

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Police said Peters arrived clothed at a landmark downtown hotel, where he works as a security guard, but left the building naked. Shortly after, Nyantakyi witnessed Peters flee after striking another vehicle with his sedan. The officer, who is Black, can be heard on video saying, “Male seems to be mentally unstable as we speak.”

Nyantakyi then approaches Peters while holding a handgun and orders him to stay in the car. Surveillance video shows Peters getting struck by a vehicle after exiting his car and running into rush-hour traffic.

Afterward, Peters can be seen on surveillance video approaching Nyantakyi and heard saying, “Put that Taser down or I’ll kill you.”

At a certain point, the video isn’t exactly clear, but two gunshots are heard. Peters later died at a nearby hospital. Nyantakyi will remain on paid administrative leave.

On Friday, Police Chief Alfred Durham said in a press conference that the investigation remains open; he asked for the community’s patience and expressed empathy for Peters’ family.

“I only wish we could have helped Mr. Peters,” Durham said. “Unfortunately, we could not help him that day. For that, I’m truly sorry.”

Blanding promised to seek justice for her brother, saying, “As a Black person, how do we know if we are in need of help that it will not result in death? … It’s wrong, and it’s a tragedy, and something has to change.

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