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‘What a thug’: Morning Joe slams Trump’s ’embarrassing’ Europe visit

Donald Trump, Europe, Morning Joe, News -

‘What a thug’: Morning Joe slams Trump’s ’embarrassing’ Europe visit

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel had just one thing to say about Donald Trump’s trip abroad: it was a “complete disaster.”

“I don’t really care what politicians are saying about a trip they know was a complete disaster,” co-host Joe Scarborough told foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell. “You look at the President’s actions, you look at the gestures–”

“He’s the ugly American,” Mika Brzezinski finished for him.

“If somebody can find a more disastrous foreign trip since Kennedy’s 1961 summit with Khrushchev, I’d like to know because this was a disaster,” Scarborough added.

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While each panelist had his or her own ideas about specific parts of the trip that turned the whole thing into an unmitigated disaster, Scarborough pointed to the handshake between Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron for his evidence.

“He looked like a thug, he looked like a goon. You look at the handshake. You look at this. Just, what a thug. What an embarrassment — he’s mauling him like an idiot! Like an absolute idiot! Just, what an embarrassment to the United States!” Scarborough declared, thoroughly upset.

Scarborough also lambasted Trump by pointing to the difference between his behavior in Europe and his behavior in Saudi Arabia.

“He was so deferential in Saudi Arabia, so deferential, and he was just the opposite — he was a bull this the china shop of an alliance that was first built with the blood of young Americans and people across the West by freeing the continent,” Scarborough said. “Then from 1947 forward, we have spent blood, sweat, tears, billions of dollars building an alliance that Donald Trump wants to throw away to make points with Vladimir Putin.”

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