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What Twitter was saying on Election Day? See who was talking about the presidential race

After two exceptionally long years of generally knowing who ran for president, on Tuesday America finally decided who its 45th president was going to be between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

From early Tuesday morning to well into the night, we stayed up early into Wednesday morning to keep tabs on some of the big-name athletes and celebrities following the election as it ebbed and flowed throughout the day.

Ultimately, Trump was announced as the winner of the election almost three hours into Wednesday. Here’s the breakdown of how the day moved over 24 hours.


Everything was all good at the start of the day. Most celebrities and socialites were just telling their followers to get out and vote. Whether they encouraged them by showing their fans that they, too, had gone out to vote or made jokes (such as the fact that two astronauts voted from space) to rally their support. There was a great deal of optimism on both sides.



Instagram Photo


The afternoon brought a little more of the same as celebrities continued to prompt their followers to get out and vote. Some asked their constituencies to send them posts on social media to share, while others took advantage of social trends to boost morale. Before the first numbers came in, people started shifting to encouraging voters to stand in line, even if the polls were on the verge of closing.



At 6 p.m. EST, Indiana and Kentucky were the first states to wrap up polling, meaning the nationwide counting had started. Soon, the polls in other states in the Midwest, the South and on the East Coast would also come to a close. The most nerve-racking hours in American politics were about to begin. Even our friends up north took a jab at what they were witnessing with our election.


a new president is named

As more polls closed, “too close to call” became the frequently used phrase in election coverage. The race was tight and would come down to a handful of states that could swing the election in either direction. But as the results kept rolling past midnight, a Republican victory became imminent. By 3 a.m. EST, President Barack Obama had extended his congratulations, Clinton conceded, and Trump was named the 45th president of the United States.



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