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Woman’s video tribute to her ‘thunder thighs’ goes viral

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Woman’s video tribute to her ‘thunder thighs’ goes viral

Miss Eaves, whose real name is Shanthony Exum, has just put out a body-positive music video for a song called “Thunder Thighs,” and the video is going viral, along with its epic message of both positivity and inclusiveness.

The song includes lyrics like “thick thighs, sundress, I’m looking good” and “chub rub, this day’s just heating up,” but the video is what’s got people talking, as it features women of all sizes and races wearing whatever summer outfits they want. Short shorts, skirts, whatever they want, they are rocking their looks.

Of course, this is par for the course for Exum, who runs her own Every Body Project, which is focused on making sure women are represented whose body types would usually be overlooked by the mainstream media.

— Sports site fat-shames Rihanna, follows up with sketchy apology — 

“The song was inspired by me being a thicker woman all of my life and having #thickgirlproblems,” Eaves said in an interview. “I wanted to do a fun outdoor video, so I hit up my friend (and co-director) April Maxey and we decided to make a Brooklyn, summery, body-positive dance video. We are both intersectional feminists and we want our art to reflect our politics.”

And already, the video is making a difference.

“One woman told me she bought her first pair of shorts in forever,” Eaves said. “This made me incredibly happy because the summer is hot AF and sometimes it is more comfortable to wear shorts. I want people everywhere (women, men, non-binary folk) to feel good about being in the body they have today. Slay.”

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