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‘You lied’: Dr Phil confronts Rachel Dolezal for pretending to be black

Dr Phil, News, Rachel Dolezal -

‘You lied’: Dr Phil confronts Rachel Dolezal for pretending to be black

Rachel Dolezal dropped in on the Dr Phil show and dropped some more bombshells about where she stands on the race issue.

In a promo for the show that will air on Monday, Dr Phil asks some hard-hitting questions of the woman who identifies as black even though she was born to two white parents.

He straight up asks her, “You pretended to be black. You perpetrated a lie. You agree with that, right?”

Dolezal’s answer? “No.”

Dolezal, who identifies as transracial, says that she “was biologically born to white parents” and went so far as to compare herself to Caitlyn Jenner. She says that race is “not coded in your DNA” and should be thought of the way gender or religion is.

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Dolezal claims that she felt she was black throughout her childhood, this even though she never met a single black person until she was ten years old. She says the world she lived in was “painfully white,” and so she left it behind.

As a teen, her family adopted four black children, which left her feeling “closer to something that felt oddly familiar.” That is not to say she feels her family did anything good. She says that they only adopted the children to benefit from tax breaks.

It was when she reached college that she felt able to express herself as a black woman, which she proceeded to do all the way into a job with the NAACP that she lost in 2015 when this all came to light.

Since then, she has sold some artwork, braided hair to make money, and written a book. She has applied to over 100 jobs, but there have been no takers. She says the only jobs she has been offered are in reality TV or porn.

She says that she wrote her memoir “In Full Color” because she felt the need to “set the record straight” so that both the white and black community, who both felt wronged by her, could get a more complete idea of where she is coming from.

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