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‘You wish you were being f*cked by me’: NJ Republican goes on obscene rant

New Jersey, News, Obscene, Republicans, Rupublican, Viral -

‘You wish you were being f*cked by me’: NJ Republican goes on obscene rant

New Jersey Councilman Richard Jasterzbski has been accused of harassment after he was caught on video going on an obscene rant against a woman a day before the primary election on Tuesday.

The councilman could be seen shouting at Susan Enderly-Peracchio at the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization’s headquarters, allegedly after James Marracco, one of Lonni Miller Ryan’s runningmates, allegedly taking down a sign for Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno to replace it with a sign for Ryan, who is running against the incumbent mayor, Chris Vergano.

“You wish you were being f—ed by me,” Jasterzbski shouted at Enderly-Peracchio in the video. “You don’t have to worry about me penetrating you at all. You wanted fair and square and you should have been satisfied with that, but you stood there and you let them corrupt the system of political process.”

Jasterzbski said in an interview that Enderly-Peracchio, who is running for a spot in the State Republican Committee, had taken down signs for Ryan and replaced them with signs for Guadagno, which is what prompted Maracco to change the signs in the first place.

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“A candidate who is running for election on the ballot should not be touching or removing any other candidates’ campaign literature or signs,” Jasterzbski said. “She has no right whatsoever to be touching any signs.”

Jasterzbsi claimed that when he confronted Enderly-Peracchio about the signs, she told him to “go f*** yourself,” which is when he started yelling.

One of Enderly-Peracchio’s daughters was the one to record the incident, while her other daughter pulled on Jasterzbski’s arm to pull him away from her mother.

Dan Knitzer, a spokesman for Vergano’s campaign, called on Jasterzbski to resign “effective immediately.”

“This reprehensible, sexist, disgusting behavior is unacceptable for any decent person,” Knitzer said.

However, Jasterzbski has said that while he regrets what he said and where he said it, he will not apologize.

“I give the same amount of respect to anyone and I deserve the same amount of respect back,” he said. “I will defend myself and defend the voters and residents of the 1st Ward, as I have for the last 3-and-a-half years.”

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