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Zombie attack prank goes viral

Cannibalism, Maryland, Miami, New Jersey, News, Uncategorized, Zombie -

Zombie attack prank goes viral

Video of a bloodied “zombie” attacking Miami residents has gone viral.

In the video, a barefoot white  male  lunges and growls at unsuspecting people on the street and in a basketball court.

The prank video created by VitalityzdTV, is approaching one million views since it was posted on Saturday.

However, the video is being criticized  as insensitive after  recent cannibal attacks around the country.

Just one week ago another Miami man, Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man and ate most of his face.  In Maryland, a college student admitted to police that he killed his roommate and then ate his heart and part of his brain. And in New Jersey, a man stabbed himself 50 times and then threw parts of his intestines at police.

Also  being  scrutinized by some viewers of the video is why most of the people   being chased  by this “zombie” prankster are black.

“That’s racist” and “Why is he only chasing black people,” are some of the comments posted.

However, with nearly 17,000 likes on YouTube, there clearly some people who find it funny.


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