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3 Questions to Create Your Passion-Based Business Plan

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3 Questions to Create Your Passion-Based Business Plan

The first thing I do with each of my long-term coaching clients is to talk about the larger vision they have for their life, business and career. We explore the “big picture” for their life and work in a private coaching session. And as the year comes to an end, I wanted to share part of this powerful process with you as a gift to assist you in planning for success in your business.

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself as you create your own passion-based business plan for the coming year.

1. What does success look like for me in my business?

Imagine what success would look like for you in your business if everything worked out the way you wanted. Ideally, what “big picture” accomplishments, outcomes or impact do you want to see in your life as a result of your business? For most women, success includes an inspiring combination of being able to use their unique, God-given talents to do what they love, make a difference, leave a legacy and provide for their family. For me, success in my business involves fulfilling my true purpose by using my gifts to make an impact on women’s lives and earning a great income, all while being location-independent so that I can live and work from anywhere in the world!

2. What kind of work do I most want to be doing?

This is where you tap into your passion for the work you truly LOVE to do. What part of your business really makes you come alive? Do you prefer to focus on making beautiful jewelry, coaching women, tutoring college students, speaking at conferences around the country, etc. this year? You want to make sure you love what you’re doing, otherwise it becomes harder to attract clients and customers. In my business, I want to be spending most of my time writing and teaching. For me, those are my two primary “zones of genius” and where I feel I can make the most impact for the most people.

3. How much money do I want to earn in my business per year? Per month?

Be honest with yourself about how much money you want to earn in the next 12 months. Notice that I said WANT, not NEED. Many women are struggling in their business because they only strive to bring in the bare minimum revenue that they need to meet their monthly bills. But it’s time for more of us to begin thriving, not simply surviving. Write down your annual income goal, being careful to make it big enough to motivate you to keep taking consistent action. To determine your monthly income goal, simply divide your annual income goal by 12.

Once you have a basic plan like this, all that’s left is for you to move forward and start taking action, one step at a time. Give yourself a deadline for when you want to achieve certain milestones throughout the year and you’ll make more progress on your business than you ever thought possible.

Leave a comment: How would you answer these questions for your own passion-based business plan?

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