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3 Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Monthly Revenue Goals

A few months ago, I did a livestream training on the 3 reasons why you may not be reaching your monthly revenue goals in your business right now. I wanted to share my main points here on the blog because I received a lot of feedback on this topic from women saying it made them realize what they REALLY need to be focused on!

Reason #1: You don‘t even HAVE monthly revenue goals.

It’s hard to reach a goal when you haven’t even defined it! I teach my clients to get clear on how much money they want to make for the year and then break it down month by month. Successful business owners have very specific revenue goals and then they reverse-engineer their marketing and sales strategy to make sure they achieve them. Without goals, all you can do is ”hope for the best” and hope is NOT enough to get you to a consistent monthly revenue in your business!

Reason #2: You don’t have a plan that makes SENSE.

When many of my clients first come to me, they have this fantasy in their head that they are going to be able to hit their $5K per month goal by selling $10 ebooks. Which is crazy when you actually break the numbers down and see just how many NEW people you would have to reach every single month to hit that goal with such a low-priced product. You MUST have a plan to hit your goal, but it also has to be effective and within the realm of reality.

Reason #3: You don’t believe it’s possible for you to earn that much money in your business.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with self-worth and money mindset at some point, but as Black women, we have an even harder time charging our worth. Which is one of the reasons (among others) why overall, we still get paid pennies on the dollar in the workplace. It’s SO important to prioritize personal development as a Black woman in business. Daily affirmations and mantras are a good start, but usually deeper belief change work is required to get strong in this area.

What I’ve found is that once my clients address these issues, they have a much better chance of making sales and reaching their revenue goals in their business. Which then leads to them seeing the possibility of quitting their job and living life on their own terms!

Hopefully this honest insight has helped you in some way.

Now if you’re like me, it’s not easy for you admit that you don’t know what you don’t know.

But here’s the truth:

If you still haven’t reached your monthly revenue goals that you set at the beginning of the year, then it’s time to stop trying to figure everything out on your own and get the HELP you need to finally start seeing some results.

I have an amazing team of supportive and knowledgeable Enrollment Coaches who are ready to speak with you about working with me in one of my coaching and mentorship programs, depending on what level you are currently at in your business.

This call is absolutely free and you will only be invited to join one of my programs if it’s the right fit for you based on what you need right now.

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