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4 Steps to Creating an Online Travel Vision Board

Lifestyle & Travel, online vision board, Personal Development & Spirituality, Picmonkey vision board, travel vision board -

4 Steps to Creating an Online Travel Vision Board

I’m a BIG fan of visualizing your ideal life and using vivid images to paint a picture of exactly what you want your future to look like. This year, I decided to take my powerful goal-setting process to the next level by updating my travel bucket list and turning it into an online vision board. And I have to tell you…this exercise was SO inspiring!

Keep reading for my simple instructions on how you can make your own online travel vision board and use it as constant motivation for success in your life and business…

Step 1: Make a Travel Bucket List

Make a travel “bucket list.” Don’t overcomplicate this part. A travel bucket list is simply a list of all the places you want to see, visit or experience before you die. Just sit down, close your eyes and give yourself permission to dream about all the places you want to go before you take your last breath in this lifetime. Now write them down! For my online travel vision board, I chose to get specific not only about the countries I wanted to go to, but the actual cities I most want to explore.

Need some inspiration for your travel bucket list? Check out a few of the “top travel” lists for this year:

Step 2: Choose One Image to Represent Each Place

Find ONE image that represents each place on your travel bucket list. I recommend doing a Google Image Search for actual pictures of where you want to go. For my digital travel vision board, I searched “Bali” and saved my favorite image to my computer. Repeat this process for each place you have on your bucket list.

I ended up with a total of 16 “must-see” places on my list, so I found 16 images to represent my choices. Of course, you can have as many or as few as you want! This is YOUR ideal life, remember?

My travel destinations are numbered below, as pictured on my vision board above:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  4. Bali, Indonesia
  5. Havana, Cuba
  6. Venice, Italy
  7. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. Lisbon, Portugal
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Geneva, Switzerland
  12. Tokyo, Japan
  13. Reykjavík, Iceland
  14. Istanbul, Turkey
  15. Marrakech, Morocco
  16. Dubai, UAE

Step 3: Create an Online Collage of Your Images

Create an online travel vision board for FREE using PicMonkey by making a collage of your inspiring images. Simply choose the “collage” option on the PicMonkey site and upload the pictures you chose in Step 2. You will be able to select the layout of your collage based on how many images you have. I chose the 4×4 square layout because I had 16 pictures for my board. As an additional option, you can also use Pinterest to build your online travel vision board. Just create an account and pin up all your travel images!

Step 4: Use Your Travel Vision Board as Your Screensaver and Wallpaper

Save the final version of your online travel vision board to your computer and make it your screensaver. If you have a smartphone, be sure to save the image as your wallpaper so that you can look at your board every time you pick up your phone! I just upgraded to the iPhone 6 and I really love being able to look at my travel vision board on the bigger screen.

If you take a moment to look at your online travel vision board every day, it will motivate you to do what you need to do so that you can save or earn more money to turn your travel dreams into reality!

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