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A Review of 2014 and My Theme for 2015

Personal Development & Spirituality -

A Review of 2014 and My Theme for 2015

A few weeks ago, I sent out my free annual reflection guide as a gift for Happy Black Woman email subscribers: The 2014-2015 Annual Review/Preview Guide. I completed mine privately, but I wanted to share a few of my 2014 reflections and 2015 intentions with you as we kick off the new year. If you haven’t done your own annual review/preview yet, I highly encourage you to set aside some time to do so. Reflection is one of the most powerful tools for personal development. Best of all, it’s free!

What I Want to Remember About 2014

What goal am I most proud of achieving this year?


Passing the six-figure mark in my business! I never, EVER thought I’d be able to earn this much money on my own without a job. My business continues to be a source of deep pride for me because I didn’t even set out to be an entrepreneur. I started this new career as a full-time business owner back in 2010. And in just 5 years, I’ve been able to not only replace my income, but more than triple my salary at my last job. It was a great feeling to celebrate this accomplishment with one of my business mentors, Lisa Sasevich in San Diego back in July!

What was the most valuable lesson I learned this year?

2014-09-21 09.13.59

That I can achieve anything I want, as long as I have a plan and I commit to the plan! I accomplished several personal goals just to prove to myself that I could do them. In September, I pushed myself to train and run my first 5K race in Kaneohe, Hawaii, which I ran with my mom and my friend Kristen!

2014-07-13 07.31.40

And in August, I hiked Koko Head in Hawaii and learned five valuable lessons about success in the process.


Another thing I learned about success is that having a group of peers is priceless. I invested in myself more then ever this year with several training courses, plus a high-level business mastermind program. The support system has been so useful for my growth because the group helps me think big – often bigger than I already think, which I didn’t know was even possible! Having Kristen Robinson as my accountability partner also contributed to my success in helping me stick to my big goals in my business and not backing down when the going got tough.

What was the best book, blog, song, movie and/or restaurant I discovered this year?

What was the best place – town, city, country – I visited this year?

2014-11-05 11.27.27

What was my favorite memory from 2014?


Spending a whole week of quality time with my sister when she came to visit me in Hawaii in May! We had a great time at my favorite luau on Oahu, Chief’s Luau.

What I Want My Life to Look Like in 2015

What 3 goals do I most want to accomplish in 2015?

  1. Pay off all my student loans
  2. Triple(!) my revenue in my business
  3. Publish my 2nd book

What part of my life do I want to pay more attention to in 2015?

My creative writing. I do so much writing for my business that I don’t carve out much time for other types of writing, like poetry, memoir, etc. that I really enjoy. I would like to attend at least one writing, poetry, book or film festival in 2015 to keep my creative juices flowing!

Which new activities, habits or behaviors do I want to start doing in 2015?

  • Schedule 2-3 months off throughout the year for “unplugged” leisure time
  • Read at least one new book every month
  • Take myself out on a date at least once a month to see a new movie, attend a lecture, do a cooking class, go to an art gallery, etc.
  • Give myself the gift of a “self-care day” at the spa at least once a month to get a manicure, pedicure and a professional massage

What do I want to learn in 2015?

How to speak decent Spanish!

What theme word or phrase best describes what I want to experience in 2015? 

2015 will be the Year of…Fun, Love and Adventure!

In 2015, I’m committing to letting go of my workaholic habits. At this point, I have reached a level in my business where I don’t have to grind so hard anymore and I want to embrace my new reality by working less and enjoying my success more!

I want to carve out more leisure time to play and relax. I want to practice greater self-love as well as attract more romantic love into my world (I would like to meet a travel boo!). I want to go on new travel adventures and be courageous enough to try all those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in every place I visit.

In short, I want to fully LIVE the amazing life of happiness, success and freedom that I’ve worked so hard to create for myself over the past few years. So…here’s to a wonderful year of fun, love and adventure!

Leave a comment: What theme word or phrase are you be taking with you into 2015?

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