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Baby Steps Are Still Steps

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Baby Steps Are Still Steps

Last night, I taught a free teleseminar called Launch Yourself: 4 Steps to Start Your Business in 2013. The one-hour call was an introduction to my new course starting on January 22, Launch Yourself: A Roadmap for Introducing Your Business to the World.

I had my mom (MY #1 business role model) join me as a special guest speaker on the call. Mom is a personal trainer and figure competition coach who has built her business from zero to six figures with a lot of passion and hard work over the last few years. I call myself her unofficial marketing department because she always taps me for internet marketing and social media advice! On the call, we both shared about how we “started” our businesses back in 2007.

I put the word “started” in quotation marks because the way we both got up and running was a very basic, messy process. We both began to share our expertise online with free websites on Blogger. My mom quit her job and secured a few personal training clients right away. I blogged for about a year before I got my first paid speaking client. Since then, things have grown, evolved and gotten more sophisticated in our businesses.

What we’ve learned is that:

  • You actually don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to be able to launch your business. You just have to have enough to start selling your products and services. Start now. Improve later.
  • Perfection is the enemy of the good. So many women talk themselves out of putting a very good product or service out there for sale because it’s not “perfect.” Newsflash: nothing ever is! And “good enough for now” is so much better than “perfect” five years later.
  • Baby steps are still steps. And the beauty of taking the first one is that the next one, and then the one after that, becomes just a little easier to take.
Thank you to everyone who joined us on the call last night! If you didn’t make it live, no worries – you can still sign up and get the replay using the link below:

(Just a little warning, though…my mama goes in a little deep at the end of the call. She almost had many of us – including me – in tears from her huge success story! That first decision she made to get started and put herself out there as a personal trainer in 2007 has allowed her to do so much for our family, especially my grandmother.)

I hope that our stories, along with our collective community of entrepreneurial women, will inspire you to keep taking baby steps in your own business. I believe in your potential to achieve the success that your heart desires. I believe in your ability to launch yourself.

Questions for reflection:

  • What is ONE baby step you can take today that will help you start your business this year?
  • Who can you ask to help you take that step? Who do you know that would be willing to hold you accountable?

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