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Event Recap: HBW Fall 2012 Happy Hour in NYC

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Event Recap: HBW Fall 2012 Happy Hour in NYC

view of the Empire State Building at night, from the rooftop at Vu Bar

On Thursday night, I hosted my first Happy Black Woman Happy Hour in New York City! It was also the first stop on my Fall 2012 Happy Hour Tour and it far exceeded my hopes for how I wanted the event to go. I decided to have the happy hour at the bar in the hotel I was staying at because, honestly, I was afraid that no one would show up! I figured if no one came, I could just slink back down to my room LOL. I was worried about whether anyone would turn out because I don’t really know anybody in New York like I do in DC, where the previous happy hours have been held.

But, you know what they say…

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Unknown

So I just did it! I put the invitation out there and about 20 lovely ladies DID show up. And all my fear melted into the laughter we all shared on the rooftop of Vu Bar. The view was incredible, the weather was perfect and my drink (a dark and stormy, my new favorite libation) was good!

ladies connecting on the rooftop: @qimster @alissanichole @patricia_gene  pictured left to right

What totally blew me away about being in a place where I didn’t know anyone IRL was that all the women who showed up were the kind of women I’d want to be friends with. Our group was made up of interesting bloggers, naturalistas, lawyers, travelers, yogis, actresses, coaches, foodies, writers, consultants, business owners – all pursuing their ideal lives in their own unique way. I literally could have sat down and talked with each amazing sister the entire night, but I had to mingle!

pictured left is @MissT1806 (maker of beautiful earrings at,
on the right is Tracee aka The Empress of

I’d been following Ebonie aka @ebstheway and her work through Friends of Ebonie for a while via Twitter, so it was a real gift to be able to experience her positive energy in person.

Me and @ebstheway! In my brand new HBW t-shirt!

I felt lucky to get the chance to meet Natalie aka @happiestactress, who told me about her journey of wanting to be an actress ever since she was a little girl. And now…that’s exactly what she does! (You may have seen Natalie as Mimi Marquez in Rent Off Broadway or as Lenore White on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.) Natalie brought her friend Pilin aka @pilintoglow, who’s also an actress as well as a yoga instructor and nutrition coach. I’m so glad Pilin took the time to share her light with our group! I also got to meet the courageous Frantzy aka @fbazile who is taking a month-long trip to Paris(!) next week. (Please send her good energy for safe travels!)

@fbazile pictured middle in purple, @happiestactress pictured right in gray sweater, @pilintoglow far right

I was actually planning to write more of a full recap here, but two of the amazing HBW who were at the happy hour have pretty much already done it for me. Check out the links to their posts below for lots of great photos (i.e. much better than the iPhone pictures I took LOL) and insight:

Much love and many thanks to Ebonie and Nicole for blogging about our New York event!  If you were there, thank you again for bringing your smiles and your stories. I appreciate you sharing the evening with me. And if you couldn’t join us in NYC, please check out our upcoming events in Charlotte and Atlanta :)

P.S. I also debuted the brand new HBW T-SHIRT at Thursday’s happy hour, as you can see me wearing in the photos. The t-shirts will be available here on the blog for sale next week!

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