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EVENT RECAP: What Happens When a Black Woman Stands in Her Power?

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EVENT RECAP: What Happens When a Black Woman Stands in Her Power?

Just 2 weeks ago, our Happy Black Woman Tribe gathered in person for our 2016 Launch Your Business LIVE 3-Day Boot Camp in Atlanta to explore the question:

What happens when a black woman stands in her power?

When she stops running from her purpose…

When she surrounds herself with like-minded women…

When she invests in her own freedom…

When she stops procrastinating and takes action…

That is when she can truly manifest her vision!

Our theme was “Manifest Your Vision” and we worked on mindset, money and marketing throughout the weekend.

There were close to 150 women who joined us from all over the WORLD – from New York to France to Australia – to learn my proven, step by step strategies for getting their businesses off the ground!

We definitely met our goal to have our biggest and best event EVER.

What I’m most proud of is the sense of sisterhood we created in that room. It was deep, it was palpable and it was real.

During the event, we were also able to raise over $8,500 to support the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta! Here is a picture of all the ladies who gave from the heart in support of the next generation of women in business.

We learned together…


13221140_1390281044331191_756752780895421593_o13116334_1388645644494731_362504428579912271_oWe laughed together…


13227342_1390280914331204_2594114821167440300_oWe partied together…

13243864_1388650181160944_4762486238246183759_o 13235457_1388646874494608_8376573745096614177_o


Ain’t no party like a Happy Black Woman party! We had an “I Love the 80s” theme and danced to old school jams from Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan and more.

We were blessed with wisdom from my 2 amazing speakers – Dr. Venus Opal Reese, the Black Women Millionaire Mentor and Kimberley Borgens, the Solo to CEO Mentor.


Because of the incredible women who make up our Happy Black Woman Team, we were able to plan and execute a transformational experience for our attendees. I couldn’t do this work by myself and I’m so grateful to have a powerful staff that supports the big vision I have for our community. Special thanks to Quanisha, Natalie, Jillian, Melissa, Briana and all of our Happy Black Woman Ambassadors!



THANK YOU to all the ladies who brought their beautiful energy to our 2016 Launch Your Business LIVE 3-Day Boot Camp! It was an honor to be able to mentor you, encourage you and connect you to like-minded women who are committed to creating their ideal lives. You can check out more photos and videos from the event over on our Happy Black Woman Facebook Page. Stay tuned for registration details about our upcoming events for October and January!

Professional photography by Ross Oscar Knight Photography

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