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GOOD NEWS: Black Couple Will Have The Longest Marriage Of All Time


We posted this story a year ago, but it seems as if the mainstream media has finally caught on.

From MSN

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of New Bern, N.C., hold the world record for life in wedded bliss: 85 years. He’s 104, and she’s 101.

On their May 13 anniversary, they will join an elite club: the longest marriages on record. One couple got a big head start on their marriage. You must go back more than 200 years to find the other couple married 86 years.

A Fisher time line: Around their 10th anniversary, this everyday household appliance hit the carpet. When they celebrated their 25th anniversary, this song was a hit (watch videos). When they marked their 50th, this irritating icon was everywhere (see pictures, if you must). By the time they reached their 75th year of marriage, we were hooked on this reality show.

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Black Couple Hold Record For Longest Marriage

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